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2 de Septiembre, 2006

Vernon Robinson Has Had Enough...of Integrity.

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LATELY I'VE BEEN TRYING NOT TO FOCUS ON THE HATE. I don't want to feed it, and it only diminishes you to give it too much credence. I really thought hard about whether or not to even bother posting this. But this "PLEASE elect me and I'll get rid of the Mexican filth" type of ad really angers me. Especially since I have no doubt at all that it is not the last one I'll see. Especially when it is top to bottom lies and pushing buttons to inspire the worst of our emotions.

I don't know what gets under my skin more: the fact that Vernon Robinson is conflating all Mexican immigrants with two child molesters (just listen to the slick transition from one sentence to the other), the fact that this commercial is 100% designed to instigate a vitriolic emotional reaction ("...they take our government hand-outs, spit in our face, and then burn our flag!"), or the light, jovial tone in which the narrator casually delivers his disgusting diatribe. He'll just slip on his custom-cut suit and walk out of the voiceover room with nary a thought about humanity. As if it means nothing to him that by delivering these very words and in this very tone, he may be a big part of making sure some brown boy (Mexican, American or otherwise) gets strung up by some freaked out immigrant-fearing, TV-watcher.

Is it wrong for a job to require bilingual skills if this much is necessary for the job? There are many jobs that deal with a Spanish speaking population. And, yes, you freaked-out KKKrybabies, many people who speak Spanish are here legally. What is this insinuation that we ought to stay stupid as Americans? When the rest of the world learns multiple languages, our politician-wannabes imply that it's wrong to know more than one? What is this insinuation that Spanish, or the need for Spanish on a job is automatically filthy, wrong, deviant, unAmerican simply because it is not English? (Additionally, note how the sign is not even on the door. It's a graphic that flips up and spins toward the screen. When it does, you see there is nothing behind it, and the actor on camera is just staring at a door. Poor man, looking at a door.)

Furthermore, where did they get these pictures of Mexicans grabbing their crotch and flipping off the camera? How do I know that the camera person wasn't saying nasty things to these people? How much do you want to bet that the cameraperson didn't just happen to catch hostile gestures, but had something to do with the exchange? Do Mexicans just hate all cameras?

It's a pack of lies and misdirection. Vernon "I get whiter if I hate on Mexicanos" Robinson blames his opponent for "voting to allow illegal immigrants to burn and trample" the American flag. But the FIRST AMENDMENT OF OUR CONSTITUTION, Vernon, was not written by the Framers to allow the Indian tribes to "burn and trample" the flag. It was written to allow me and you—natural born American citizens—to burn the flag. In fact, go read your stinkin' flag directions. Go read what the offical method of disposing of a worn American flag is. Is there any line that's not a lie? Why say that "these people" don't pay taxes, get government freebies, and burn, spit, trample, etc, when we all know that many of "these people" do in fact, pay taxes? Why? Because you have no integrity. You have less than most of "these people," who, for the most part, work very hard to have a life here. Whereas you are a slimy, lying, opportunist and fearmonger who can smile at the camera while you condemn yourself to Hell.

"If you send me to Congress, I'll make sure to close the borders, blah blah blah" Bullshit. You'll do nothing of the kind, and you know it. Clearly you'll say anything you need to in order to grab the Cush. You know damn well why this issue isn't moving anywhere fast, and that's because big business makes big bank from exploiting Mexicans, and they aren't eager to give that up. Not only that, but any politician who makes a hasty move to criminalize the immigrants in this country will deal with the voting power of their relatives. Oh, but you are going to turn the world around. Yeah. What you are going to do is stir the hate and fear and violence that is rippling through this country. Listen, even if you feel completely comfortable with making anti-immigration a central tenet of your platform, this isn't the way to do it—if you care about people and the soul of your country, that is. You don't jump right for the Hate button, you don't jump right into someone's closet and animate their worst fears. You don't kick every single night terror and stereotype into high gear, and lie your way through your whole spot. Not unless you are soulless and are willing to do anything to get to your fancy, well-fitting and expensive seat.

Right away, I'm reading through comments on other sites about this, comments left by a pack of hypnotized fools running around regurgitating Television Truth®. "Yeah, man...it is a big problem...I went to a Burger King and the goddamn illegal behind the counter couldn't even speak English and messed up my Big Mac! We've got to do something about this!" You and your poor, tired slab of meat. Boo-hoo.

I don't even have the patience to explain how you're being used, citizen. But I do know that this very purposeful and insensitive and dishonest scarefest does nobody any good. Yes, I'm used to politicians being heartless, conscienceless, saying anything about anyone to hold on to power. But this is people's lives, man. This is not your little Inside-the-Beltway squeeze toy. To use this issue so unethically, so selfishly, not caring one iota about what memes and what racism you are perpetuating—you disgusting, lowlife, sleazy fucking sellout. You've lost your soul before you were even tested. You just prostrate yourself before the idol of TV-hate and beg to be made kingly.

How sad is it that a black man—who has to know what unfair race-baiting and generalizations can feel like and how they can affect all members of that race with the radioactive effects of hatemongering—would heap on this kind of unethical and sleazy commentary? Vendido. Using such odious odio to get where the money flow.

Oh, and one more thing. Is there a reason the one burning flag shot is cropped to only show the flag itself? Is that because thoughtful Vern didn't want to show the actual Mexicans who were burning it? Because that would be too inflammatory, pardon the pun. Whatever. I'm sure if you had ten shots of Mexicans burning the flag, you'd use them. So clearly, this is some other event. And excuse me, but if you stop the video on the largest burning flag image, it seems to me that the one person holding the flag and the person behind him are White. Maybe that's why the image is up for but half a quick moment and then fades out. I haven't seen many White immigrants from Mexico, I don't know about you. The third burning flag picture? I don't know. Are you sure that wasn't taken in Iraq or Afghanistan? But what am I even asking for? Brown is brown, I guess. We're all scum. Unlike you, Vernon. You're just a politician who forgot where he came from.

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Comentarios (2)

mexhater dijo:


I never met a mexican I like.....
If all gangbangers were killed 1/2 the problem solved ....
beating bangers down to crippling lives make me a happy american.......
This is for you theunapologeticmexican

nezua limón xolagrafik-jonez dijo:


i don't really think you would know what being "happy" was if it came along and sat on your face, cowardly commenter. roll around a while in your feelings of hate and fear, sad example of a human. may they nourish your crippled heart with the sour juices of malnutrition until it just gives up.