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30 de Octubre, 2006

Thousands March in Oaxaca

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Oh, man. beautiful.

At least ten thousand people march through Oaxaca City, coming within two blocks of the police-occupied Zocalo before turning up to Santo Domingo Cathedral where they will now install a new protest camp. The march showed the incredible support of local residents for the APPO and their repudiation of the federal police intervention."

Oct 30, John Gibler, Indymedia.org

I can't write on Oaxaca specifically. Things are happening too fast. Everytime I put a thoughtful post together, (half a day's work or so, on and off?) the situation changes. And there's no point running around dropping headlines from so far away. I think most people who read this blog are also reading the sources I am. So we send our energy together, we hope together, we wait.

Several blocks from the city centre, dozens of demonstrators, many using goggles to protect their eyes from tear gas, waited behind a barricade of burning tyres, which sent plumes of thick smoke into the evening sky.

'It makes me annoyed that I can't do anything,' said Maylet Pacheco, a 26-year-old teacher. 'We asked for a solution and this is what they offer us,' she said, pointing down the street at advancing riot police."

—The AustralianNews.com


New York City.

Oaxaca Solidarity Demonstrations in the US on Tuesday, October 31st

New York City: March in the Village Halloween Parade

Portland: 4pm Oaxaca Solidarity Altar at Mexican Consulate (1234 SW Morrison St)

Providence, RI: 4pm Protest at US Federal Building (Kennedy Plaza)

San Diego: Ongoing Protest at Mexican Consulate (1549 India St Little Italy)

San Francisco: 5pm Protest at Mexican Consulate (532 Folsom St.)

Seattle: 12pm (unconfirmed!) Protest at Mexican Consulate (2132 Third Ave)

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