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9 de Febrero, 2007

Killing in the Name of—

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Okay, memes aren't always my thing, but I definitely enjoy the Friday custom of posting YouTube because it's nice to wander about the web and read your news or hit your regular sites, but also to be often picking and plucking little musical bits here and there. It's gives a sense of ritual, and it keeps Friday a little lighter. I've usually kept with this tradition. And I think I will not deviate today.

It is steadily warming up where I live and I am grateful. I went over to support a new Mexican joint that opened (bakery? coffee shop?), bought their mocha. Read the paper. Picked up my eldest hija a handcrafted birthday present in town (the pic above is of her about ten years ago). Matching envelope on the card, both green. Saw some cat as he walked out of the copshop parking lot with his old lady. He looked drunk as hell, beat up, too. She was whispering to him not to say anything or start anything with me as they walked past. He very dramatically and civilly nodded his head to me as a greeting. I returned the gravity and the nod. I was very glad I was not drunk and being released from jail with a smashed-up face.

Everytime I walk past the White Skinheads—excuse me, the Euro-Americans with shaved skulls here in Oregon—I wonder if someone will start a fight. Every time I see these kids with the Iron Crosses on their belt, I am prepared. I don't know how seriously people take their symbols. White Power is being mainstreamed through fashion, White Supremacy is leaking into the clothes and stickers that are available and they are abundant here. But I don't know what that means about each person who is wearing them. I do not know if they understand the resonance. I don't know if they are a tool by choice or design. I can't be sure if they are a threat to me and my family or just a sucker for a trend. So I remain on alert.

Winter always takes a toll when I'm living in a seasonal type place. Today was beautiful (still is), and thinking of activism, politics, Latin America, Brown Pride, and music, I decided to hunt down some Rage Against the Machine, a great political band that has broken up and who most of you probably have listened to yourselves. I think I saw them live...but I can't be sure. It was a hectic summer I'm trying to remember.

Anyway, while searching through the YouTube selection, I was waylaid by this cover tune of Killing in the Name of, so I'm posting it. Because it cracked me up. It's two kids, they are probably about ten or so? And they play bass and guitar note for note as the Rage song plays in the background. I can't say I'd blame you if you got tired of watching after a minute or so (by then you've seen all but the BLISTERING GUITAR SOLO, tho)...but I was somehow transfixed by the lack of scene change, camera movement, and the boys' well-executed riffing oddly juxtaposed with their unmoving and stoic stances. I'm proud of these kids! I bet they worked hard on this jammie.

Enjoy your evening, vat@s. Shake it all out. We're almost done with invierno. Some of you don't have such a thing in your part of town. Soak up some hot rays for Nez!

Actual live performance by actual band:

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Comentarios (10)

Sylvia dijo:


Such a classic.

JVigil dijo:


Ya, That will get your blood goin'...eh?? RATM is getting back together for one show (so far, hoppin fer more) in Califas....Cochella (sp) I think. Let us hope that the Audioslave shit is over and they can get back to the business at hand...are ya readin' Zack??

turtlebella dijo:


damn damn damn. I fucked up and somehow erased my comment!

But now I see JVigil is saying RATM is going to be in Coachella? That's so cool...would be cooler if I live anywhere near Coachella (I think that's how it's spelled, used to pass through there when organizing farm workers about a trillion years ago)

Anyway- what I said was... yeah, Rage was a great political band. And even just a great band, period but greater for being political (and you know, having the right politics. Not that they were on the right. Okay, turtlebella, enough).

I liked the kids too. Love the red and black. And their static, stoic delivery. Too funny. I'm wondering how come they are so cool when so young. At that age I was drooling over John Taylor of Duran Duran. Ok, so I also had my Buddy Holly obsession (with the music, at least I realized that a dead guy was beyond my reach or dreams) at that time, which is slightly less embarrassing!

Have a warm weekend, 'mano. I can't soak any rays for you, bro, cos it's below 0 (F) here. Below fuckin' zero? How come I live here again?! At least there are lots of brown people though, unlike the last place I lived. Okay, I have the running of the mouth. I'll shut up now.

nezua limón xolagrafik-jonez dijo:


No doubt, Sylvia!


Deeee-amn, I d'int know that, Jerry. Man. I would love to see them (again? jeje). And I'd love to see what kind of songs they could write nowadays. I hope they get down with some of that.


Turtlebella, Yeah, I know. Those kids look kind of cool, they got their gig down. Jeje. I typed "turtlebelly" by accident.

Thanks for the weekend wishes. You too. And you can always run your mouth here, 'mana!

luisa dijo:


they are getting back together for a show?! maybe i'll be back in cali by then. where coachella is, i do not know...

i've mistakenly erased my comments here too and was to lazy to type them again. maybe there is a problem with the comment system. (i promise, i am not just noting this to drive you crazy, nez).

nezua limón xolagrafik-jonez dijo:


i dont understand what it means to "accidentally erase" your comments. could you explain a little?

luisa dijo:


when i clicked "post" it went to a page that said "error" something and then i clicked back and it was gone. i guess it could be my net service?--that is why i didn't say anything.

XP dijo:


I was so happy to hear that RATM was getting back together. Maybe they did read that one post I did. (One can dream, right)

I almost had a chance to meet them when I was in grad school. Unfortunately something happened and they didn't come down to H-town. But I will never forget that protest. It was at Houston's mega rich people's mall and we were protesting against Guess jeans with UNITE. I remember the day of the protest, we went into the mall chanting while this guy was in a Rat costume carrying a big sign...simon...those were some good times, bro. Even made the paper (I guess I won't be working for any campaign soon....jejejeje)

Rafael dijo:


Battle for Mexico City was one of the coolest concerts ever. I had it on VHS, but went missing/destroyed in one of my many moves. Those where the days.

brownfemipower dijo:


cute baby!! :-)

(you got me all longing for the rage tonight--man I loved the shit out of them)