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6 de Febrero, 2007

Such as Cancers That Replicate

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grafik by Nezua THE PRESSURE IS BROUGHT ON TO KNEEL. The pressure is brought on to pause and heel. The hateful forces of the fanatic ultra-Right are responding to the rise in Brown census numbers. The Neo-Nazis and the KKK are gaining in popularity, having far more success at recruiting than the US Military! Perhaps if Murka dropped the whole WMD/Save-the-Iraqi's shtick (face it, who really buys that shit anymore?) and just went straight for a "time to yoke the sandniggers so we can drive our Hummers in style" motif, they could swell their ranks. Take a pointer from the growing activity and numbers in Hate groups like the KKK and the American Socialists, or whatever.

Remember, Rummy New General Puppet: You got the idea right here. It's a winner!

Or maybe I've got it wrong? Maybe these hate groups are just so filled with love at the sight of all the immigrants and their allies congregating and showing such self-love and solidarity that they want to do their part to bring about a widespread happening of harmony!

NEW YORK - Huge street protests made millions of immigrants more visible and powerful last year, but they also seem to have revived a hateful counter force: white supremacists.

Groups linked to the Ku Klux Klan, skinheads and neo-Nazis grew significantly more active, holding more rallies, distributing leaflets and increasing their presence on the Internet — much of it focused on stirring anti-immigrant sentiment, a new report released by the Anti-Defamation League says.

—MSNBC.com, Report: Supremacist activity flourishes

Okay. I guess they are not trying to spread "harmony," per se.

IF you think about it, it's a large, living ejemplo-metaphor of the Fallacious Flip. I mean, can you believe this world we live in? The language frames it as if it is equal. Mexican Americans gathered demanding rights, and so NAZI-EMULATORS responded in kind! For some reason, it reminds me of good ole Michelle Maglalang who posted shots of protestors with Brown Pride signs as if being proud of being Brown is a CRIME. She was so proud of her catch. Think about that! Brown people actually had signs that said BROWN IS BEAUTIFUL, can you fuckin' BLEEEEVE IT This scum was PROUD of being BROWN!!

Forgive my emotion if you feel like it.

grafik by Nezua Let's see. Many abused, exploited humans gather to share solidarity and ask for rights and considerations that they are more than due, and this inspires unprecedented numbers of American citizens to join groups that prefer to see these exploited people dead. Yeah. But that's how it goes. And as a Brown man raising up his chin these days, I understand this resistance. In the minds of these sickos, there's a place for you if you are Mexican. Or Black. Or Asian. Or Jewish. Or gay. OR MANY HUMAN AND "NORMAL" THINGS. And if you get up outta that place, they finally overcome their aversion to humans who don't think exactly the way they do to join forces with others who bolster their hateful and small numbers. These groups are legal. The KKK has a clear history of what they stand for. And the Neo-Notzis reference a wave of murder and the biggest example of genocide we know of with their symbols and names—and that is OK. Could I do this with a group that uses a historical slaughtering of the fair-skinned races? Could I fashion symbols and rhetoric and salutes that celebrated that slaughter? Could groups exist in this country that celebrated the death and hate of White people?

Well don't sweat it. Because that's not my thing. That's the difference between these freaks and myself. As radical as I might be. I don't see their path as one that does anything good. Not even for them. And anyway, I do not see violence as radical. It is as old and predictable as the hills. Nothing radical about animals curling their lips and swiping at unfamiliar scents. Anyway, our basic worldviews are utterly different. I was ruined by being a Science major, where I was exposed to radioactive spiders and formaldehyde soaked piggies, and knowledge of processes like Osmosis. I don't expect dense concentrations (such as gaseous or even economic) to remain dense concentrations. I don't expect money or jobs or land to remain hoarded. I see nature as behaving with her big cells much as she does with her smaller cells. I see the world, often, through a pair of fractal-tinted lenses. The shadow as the shape of the hand. And when nature begins bringing about a balance, it makes sense to me.

I don't know. I know I'm taking it all very seriously. Perhaps I should just relax and soak up some of the brotherly love that is causing these normally isolated gangs to finally work hand-in-hand. Because, really—isn't that the beautiful part?

“The Klan is increasingly cooperating with other extremist groups and Neo-Nazi groups,” Lauter said. “That’s a new phenomenon.”

—MSNBC.com, Report: Supremacist activity flourishes


The level of vitriol is new

'I’ve been doing (Hispanic advocacy work) for a long, long time and the atmosphere has never been as poisonous as it has been in the last few years,' said Lisa Navarrete, a vice president at the National Council of La Raza. 'The level of vitriol is new.'

—MSNBC.com, Report: Supremacist activity flourishes

HISTORIC LEVELS OF E-MOTION. TWICE AS MUCH VITRIOL! Which, of course, is needed to replicate the intensity which is required to overcome the New Usurpers. Don't ya know, baby? We tha new Religion. Mexiconquerism.

Irish then, Mexicans now

Said Potok: 'It’s remarkable to look back at the nativist sentiments toward Catholics — it’s very similar to what we’re seeing with Mexicans now.' ...

Newcomers from Ireland and Germany were portrayed as Catholic usurpers invading the United States, taking jobs from native-born Americans and undermining national fabric ...

Today, many white supremacists blame immigrants, particularly Hispanics, for crime, struggling schools or unemployment, for instance. With many Americans already divided on how to revamp laws and practices to address the nation’s swelling immigrant communities, immigration “is an issue that works for hate groups,” Potok said.

—MSNBC.com, Report: Supremacist activity flourishes

That comparison is made a lot. The Irish. But remember...the Irish came here once. Irish land was not taken for America to be made what she is. I do not mean to denigrate the Irish or their struggle. But as I often say, the Long War against Mexico rolls on without pause. It may keep shifting forms, but the brutalization and dehumanization and exploitation of my people continues. Let's not lose track.

It causes me to fear lately. In real life situations. I don't want to give room for fear. Trust me, I do my best to relax away from that.

Many Latinos are feeling the effects firsthand. Last September, a Kentucky family originally from El Salvador found a wooden cross burning on their front lawn just weeks after they moved in. Earlier last year, a Latino teenager in Houston was brutally beaten and sodomized while one attacker screamed 'White Power!' The victim barely survived, and one attacker was sentenced to life in prison.

—MSNBC.com, Report: Supremacist activity flourishes

img There's no pat answer. There's no soothing phrase with which to turn the page. There is no balancing summation that brings a final annotation of wisdom. This is the world in which we live. Some see things one way, others another. You can teach your kids anything you like. You can dress them in robes and teach them to hate any group of people you like. Despite the fact that that hated and long-oppressed group of people may be propping up your economy and may have even (sadly) helped produce some of the items that make your own living situation what it is. This is a choice open to you as a "citizen" of this "country."

Many of us are willing to hurt or kill others to carve into existence our particular idea of the world. And many others just want a chance to live in a world; to walk its surface, to eat from its yield. Fairness will not determine who lives and who dies and who suffers or how much. Justice or what is Right will not determine who has fuel and funding to further their cause and ideologies. Something closer to chance, or happenstance, or cruel irony will see to these details.

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