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30 de Abril, 2007


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BAD NEWS FOR LOU DOBBS and those who dream of a culture with no flava. After all, it is an illusion that the American market won't keep responding to the growing Hispanic [as in "Spanish-Speaking"] population. Because it will. The latest sign that you cannot possibly hope to curtail the culture—especially when American culture is decided first and foremost by what will SELL:

HP today announced two additions to its HP Pavilion product line specifically for U.S. Hispanic consumers.

Designed in response to increasing demand from the Hispanic community, the two additions to the HP Pavilion product line are:

- HP Pavilion a6005y Desktop enables consumers to customize their PC with the Spanish versions of Windows Vista Home Basic or Windows Vista Home Premium. The PC also features a Spanish keyboard and optional Spanish versions of popular software including Norton Internet Security, Microsoft® Office and Roxio Creator. Consumers also will receive Spanish-language documentation including Easy Set-Up instructions and software manuals.

HP Tailors PCs for Spanish-speaking Hispanic Consumers

Damn. Even the cyberborders aren't safe!

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Comentarios (6)

leesee dijo:


It's too late for the Lou Dobbs of the world, even if you shut down the border today, it's still too late.

The reconquista has already happened. My advice, start learning to speak Spanish.

Pat Logan dijo:


Good for them.

I've said for years (as someone born and raised in SoCal) that we need bilingual education FOR THE WHITE FOLKS as much or more than the brown. For our kids, who are going to be passed over for jobs (as people were at my work) who didn't speak Spanish. I had to painstakingly try and learn Spanish as an adult. I can get by, but it would have been so much easier if I had learned it as a child.

Sorta off topic, sorry.

sly civilian dijo:


damn that naughty, naughty invisible hand!

nezua limón xolagrafik-jonez dijo:


i don't think it's off-topic at all, Pat. thanks for sharing your thoughts. i find it...laughable that some anti-Spanish Americans find this perverse Idiot stance in remaining proudly (?) monolingual. sure, let so many other countries not only learn their languages, but English, from birth. let the Brown™ learn English along with the Spanish they already know. suuuuure you'll be prepared for the new global market!



and leesee, estoy de acuerdo!

horsedooty dijo:


Isn't there a choice in language in XP? I have seen some PC's with Spanish windows on them but it was in Mexico.

yo soy Horsedooty!

drydock dijo:


Dobb's purpose is to drive a wedge between immigrant and native born workers (of all races). Generally he does this by making a pseudo-populist economic appeal based on fear. I think it would be more productive for pro-immigrant people 1. to take on the immigration economic arguments 2. to build unity through labor (working class) organizing.

An example, a recent strike by Hayward, CA teachers saw many immigrant parents fully back the teachers and join the picket line. Same needs to go in reverse when immigrant labor organizes, American born workers need to be mobilized to aid immigrant labor when they fight back. In Northern Cali, my perception is that the immigrant workers movement is taking a step or two in this direction.