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8 de Abril, 2007

This Camera Kills Fascists

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FROM RODNEY KING TO MISTER MACACA TO UCLA cops tasering students to the cold-blooded shooting of Elio Carrion to PuppetBush's Seven Minutes of Inaction as well as countless other examples—video has brought us the truth that the ruling class and their Ganglords (la chota) and all their agents work so hard to keep from our awareness.

Sandra Kay Daniels, the teacher whose second-grade classroom Bush visited on 9/11, told the Los Angeles Times that after Card informed Bush of the second crash, Bush got up and left. "He said, ‘Ms. Daniels, I have to leave now.’… Looking at his face, you knew something was wrong. I said a little prayer for him. He shook my hand and left.' Daniels also said, 'I knew something was up when President Bush didn’t pick up the book and participate in the lesson.'” [Los Angeles Times, 9/11/02]

However, the Booker video clearly shows that Bush did follow along after being told of the second plane. [Video: Center for Cooperative Research, Buzzflash, Global Free Press, The Emperor’s New Clothes, or Liberty DYNU]

An Interesting Day, cooperativeresearch.org

Aside from what we do not know right now, can you imagine what the State would have us believe if it were not for all the damn cameras that keep interfering with their unending agenda of control?

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Comentarios (6)

darkblack dijo:


Odd dichotomy, isn't it...A burgeoning surveillance state with camera towers on every street corner, held in check by the inconvenient unblinking eye.

claudia dijo:


I thought he was not reading along because he could not read.

Pat Logan dijo:


Reading that article on Bush's 9/11 day, which contrasts the way Cheney was whisked away and the casual attitude towards Bush, raises a lot of questions. One being: who's really the President? Chilling thought.

nezua limón xolagrafik-jonez dijo:


a lot of questions, pat, agreed. that is hardly the one that chills me, though. bush has never been a "President" in my eyes. in space of #43 there is only the shadow of a thief.

RickB dijo:


Good point, well made. Great headline.

Rafael dijo:


Better yet, it helps defeat them.