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19 de Julio, 2007

A Beautiful Impact

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Since we have no mains electricity as part of the No Impact experiment, we also have no TV. Last week, someone asked me how we entertain Isabella without one. In the comments to that post, someone said that they like to take their kids hunting for fireflies. [...]

At first there was a lot sitting around and waiting. Then, the two-year-old Isabella shouted, 'I see one!' Sure enough, she did. Before long, there were four or five fireflies blinking their lights at any one moment. One crawled on Isabella’s hands and Isabella said, excitedly, 'I want to eat it!' I gave her a few springs of the purslane that grows in the garden instead.

We sat around a while longer, and when about six fireflies circled around us, Isabella suddenly looked at me and said, “I’m so happy, Daddy.”

She never said that while we were watching television.

Entertaining Isabella—Update, noimpactman.typepad.com

I REALLY HAVE NOTHING to add to this. But Isabella made me happy, too.

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Comentarios (7)

Trinifar dijo:


I've been reading the No Impact Man blog ever since hearing him on NPR. It is a beautiful thing he's doing. One can hope more people are inspired to consume less and learn to live better, more satisfying, more rewarding lives in the process.

RC dijo:


Colin wrote another post last week about what he does with his daughter and her friend that was also inspiring.

kyledeb dijo:


What a beautiful story, Nez.

Theriomorph dijo:


Beautiful, thanks for passing that on.

NLinStPaul dijo:


See, now Isabella is making us all happy via Nezua - and the ripple spreads.

luisa dijo:


Everytime you post about cute lil kids (especially your 'Nita) I get these horrible maternal urges to procreate. stop it now!

but, yeah, that is a sweet story.

Laura dijo:


Thanks for this, and also for bringing my attention to this blog...