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13 de Agosto, 2007

A Rotten Fruit (Finally) Drops From the Vine

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BYE BYE, YOU FAILURE. You reached for the sun, and now look at you. Rolling away in a cloud of dusty shadow. As if you could remove your stink entirely.

I wonder what threshing machines Turd Blossom hears in the distance?

"[Bush] will move back up in the polls," says Mr. Rove...


Yeah....isn't this the guy who talked about having THE Math...in the 2006 Congressional elections?

Thought so. Sorry, Rove. You can't wear the Boy Genius hat anymore. We've seen past THE curtain.

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Tomas el Gringo dijo:


Part of me is thrilled that this b@stard is leaving the White House and that the taxpayers won't be footing the bill for his paycheck any more.

But there's another part of me that says 'these ratf*ckers never do anything for good, above-board reasons. He's gonna pull some sh*t the second your back is turned. You need to watch him like a hawk.'

You heard it here first, folks. I think Mr. Rove has some seriously dirty plans for the 2008 election cycle, and that the White House and RNC want to get some distance between themselves and Rove before Mr. Dirt Devil starts his engines. Watch Rove's activities carefully as we plow into the election cycle. There is a reason why he's leaving now, and it can't possibly be for our benefit.

Rafael dijo:


I hear ya Tomas, something still rotten in the state of Denmark.

mhg dijo:


Tomas you are totally right !! These guys are evil and always have some back handed agenda,these people do nothing without some type of benefit for themselves. They make me SICK..................

XP dijo:


That is exactly what I was thinking. This is no fool, he masterminded the collapse of Texas by doing exactly that, he would work and slither off to help other people. It is Rovian trick and I am not buying it.

democommie dijo:



An aside. If I hadn't come from a large and abusive family I would think that the fact that I have to resubmit my information--EVERY FREAKIN' TIME I COMMENT--was a sign that I'm not welcome. Fortunately I have skin that is at least as thick as my skull.


Karl Rove could scare a vulture off a nice, ripe, flyblown carcass. He is an evil putrescence, a creeping, foul excresence and a fucking prick. Yeah, he's up to no good. But there might be an upside. Congress hasn't been able to touch him while he had his hand up the pretendsident's ass. Now that he's going to civvy street, the Dems might just be able to give him a dose of his own poison. I'll bet dimes to donuts he has a fucking SS detail (or Blackwater mercs) watching his ass like it was worth something.

nezua limón xolagrafik-jonez dijo:


Democommie, I hate that you have to do that! Seriously. I do. I solved that problem. Everyone else that commented on the post where I questioned said it worked for them. I don't think it's on my end.... or if it is, I do'nt know what to do. Are you refusing my site's cookies? That would do it. Because you are welcomed here, and valued here, so shut up and eat your peas, you runt! And go to bed. NOW!

democommie dijo:



Now, THAT, sounds like my family!!

I do refuse cookies from most sites but I will allow them from yours, from where the sun is now in the sky, forever.

mikefromtexas dijo:


I'm currently reading Mario Vargas Llosa's 'Language of Passion', a collection of essays and articles he wrote in the mid to late 90s. One dealt with the positive aspects of open borders on societies. Unfortunatly, there are still too many people in the US scared of the 'other' for this to happen in the near future. Fighting racism hiding behind the cloak of patriotism will be a difficult task.