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23 de Octubre, 2007

News Groups Seek Truth of Jena

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SHINE THE LIGHT on the Mychal Bell case. Let us see what's going on, if what's going on is Just.

The Associated Press on Monday joined more than two dozen other organizations, including newspapers, television networks and network affiliates, in filing a court petition that challenges a judge's decision to seal Mychal Bell's case and close court proceedings to the news media and public.

The group seeks permission to attend upcoming hearings in the case, to review transcripts of previous hearings and other court records and to lift a gag order against participants in the case. [...]

Criminal cases involving juveniles in Louisiana are usually sealed. But Bell, 17, is charged with aggravated second-degree battery, which under state law is one of the violent offenses that allows a juvenile court case to be opened to the public, Roy said. [...]

Carol Powell Lexing, one of Bell's lawyers, said the case should be open to the public. District Attorney Reed Walters, she added, 'opened the door' for that when he publicly discussed Bell's prior criminal history.

'This is a highly publicized case,' she said. 'The nation has a right to know what's going on with it.'"

News Groups Seek Access to Jena Six Case

Why was his bail revoked? Why was he jailed? Gag orders and secret proceedings. It's not for his well-being that you hide your actions. Nobody believes that. As Ms. Lexing reminds us, nobody cared about his well-being when they salted the news stories with his past actions. So let's have it out. If he's just a ne'er do well getting his just desserts, then show us. What are you hiding, judge?

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