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27 de Noviembre, 2007

Find the Disappearing Window(s®)

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CLICK IMAGE for full foto of a class at the Missouri School of Journalism.

I've been using a Mac since the days you had to be on the video floor of a film school in Manhattan (or your local produce section, farm, or orchard, haha) to see this many apples in one room. Before the days when just showing one in a scene in a movie meant that character was hip. Before the ever-so-cute and funny "Switch" commercials existed! Since back in the days we had to make excuses for having such an ugly box and paying so much for it! (My first Mac was actually saved from the dumpster, I paid nothing for it.) Yeah! Back when the world ground to a halt until you let go of the mousepointer! Woohoo! Let's hear it for virtual life without dynamic memory allocation!

And now look at ya, ya little bastard. Like Travolta busting back into the public eye in Pulp Fiction, ye have been resurrected just when all was thought lost and glory days behind you. Dammit, it brings a mist to my crystallized, nanometric eye. Sigh. Long live Mac. (And long live all the bone-weary workers in unnknown third world countries who assembled my motherboard, amen).

found on Twitter via Flickr via this guy's blog via serendipity [or "Google-dipity"].

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Rafael dijo:


I so want a Mac.... :-(

goodbye kitty dijo:

I so want a Mac.... :-(

me too