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9 de Diciembre, 2007

7 year old takes 6 slugs for mama

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IT SHOULD NEVER have had to come to this, but a child (Alexis Goggins) has saved her mother's life from a crazy, murderous, ex-boyfriend by shielding her mother from a hail of bullets with her own body:

A 7-year-old-girl is being hailed as an “angel from heaven” and a hero for jumping in front of an enraged gunman, who pumped six bullets into the child as she used her body as a shield to save her mother’s life.

Alexis Goggins, a first-grader at Campbell Elementary School, is in stable condition at Children’s Hospital in Detroit recovering from gunshot wounds to the eye, left temple, chin, cheek, chest and right arm.

“She is an angel from heaven,” said Aisha Ford, a family friend for 15 years who also was caught up in the evening of terror.

The girl’s mother, Selietha Parker, 30, was shot in the left side of her head and her bicep by a former boyfriend, who police said was trying to kill Parker. The gunman was disarmed by police and arrested at the scene of the shooting, a Detroit gas station. Police identified him as Calvin Tillie, 29, a four-time convicted felon whom Parker had dated for six months.

—snagged from Sylvia

First thing this morning, this was an emotional read. But then I made the mistake of trying to Digg the article and of course ran into the ever-lovable and far too often insane Internet crowd..

The first poster at the Digg site responds:

by Deputy_Doodah on 12/05/2007

What an article. The girl's last name and the mom's last name are (of course) different, and the ex-boyfriend is a four-time convicted felon.

Black culture in the United States has become degenerate. Black people really seemed to be getting their shit together and standing up for themselves culminating in the civil rights movement. Then they pissed all that achievement away.

Since then, a black subculture has taken hold where this "family" scenario has become typical and with it, crime, government dependence, and sociopathic behavior. Other communities have trashy people too but they're rejected. But for blacks this is not only the norm, it's celebrated, and the blacks who reject that lifestyle are denigrated and attacked by their own families and communities.

Find me a black mama anymore with a HUSBAND who hasn't been in jail, and 2-3 kids where the entire family has the same last name and you'll find a situation that has become pretty rare in this country.

Got a little off-topic there..... but what a brave little girl. I hope she doesn't follow her mama's example and grows up to be something. She certainly has the guts to do that.

Off-topic???? It's absolutely hateful to respond to this article in such a condescending, cold, and idiotic and hostile way—and all so casually. If this degenerate is a cop after all, why does he not comment on the fact that if HIS people had done their job as they should have, this might not even have happened at all!

Ford said she dialed 911 on her cell phone as she walked into the station.“The first operator clicked off and I dialed again and told that operator a guy with a gun was holding me hostage with a mother and baby and threatening to kill us. I told her the name of the gas station and then she said they didn’t have a unit to send.” Ford said she paid for $5 of gas and slowly returned to the vehicle, stalling for time as she handed Tillie the change. She said she kept stopping and starting the pump, hoping the police would show up. “I told him I needed more gas and took money out of my purse and went back into the station,” she said. The attendant, Mohammad Alghazali, 30, said he noticed Ford was crying and she told him what was happening. He called 911 as he heard shots coming from the vehicle.

[…]Alghazali said a police car on a street nearby arrived in less than a minute after his call.

—snagged from Sylvia

Oh, what, "Deputy Doodah"??? Nothing to say on that end? Hmmmmm? Fucking typical. But I think the most stomach-curdling part of that Digg post was all the backup he was getting. "People will say you are racist, but you're not, man! Black people ARE oppressing themselves! Even Cosby says so!"

I, of course, ain't Cosby.

Deputy Doodah, you are a crazy, stupid, racist fuck. And I can't believe you have so much backup here on an article where a woman and her child were almost murdered by another crazy fucking man. What a sick world we live in and no wonder I can't stand so many groups of people if they are made up of ignorant wastes of human oocyte like yourself. Of all reactions to have. Of all angles to push, and you condemn blacks in reaction to a beautiful and brave gesture made by a young black child in the face of horror. She, too, you know is part of the "black culture." And look at what she has done. How many times have your children stopped bullets for you? Or anyone? How many times have you? Next time you catch a bullet, I'll run up and condemn your people, how about that? Idiota.

This is why my Web 2.0 ain't half what it used to be. I just can't imagine who these people are sometimes, out here. I just don't even want to know them. Or see them or hear them. Fools hopping on the Blacks Are Oppressing Themselves. Have you ANY idea what people live through, have lived through, still live through, in this society if they are not white? (And yes, we can include "straight" and "male" and "clearly-defined in one of various areas" and other qualifiers). Do you even know what the gilded frame feels like to someone not in the picture? To see an act of murderous intent and an act of unbelievable self-sacrifice and heroism and then to just spit this out...ugh. Read some history, psychology, philosophy, Deputy Dickbrain, but eh. You can't study up on Humanity. What's the point.

Alexis Goggins, that's right. She's the point. Alexis is in critical condition, but recovering and will probably lose her eye. She is in and out of consciousness, and you can read more at Sylvia's post. And if you want to help the Goggins Family in this time, here is the info:

Checks should be made out to the Alexis Goggins Hero Fund and sent to Campbell Elementary School in care of the Alexis Goggins Hero Fund, 2301 E Alexandrine St, Detroit, 48207. For information, call (313) 494-2052.

Spread the word if you have time and interest, por favor.

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Comentarios (9)

herm dijo:


she left him! how much more shit can she get together? i hate the way our nation addresses violence against women.

i read this story yesterday. these women are amazing. but so much about it is infuriating, as you point out.

nezua limón xolagrafik-jonez Author Profile Page dijo:


isn't it an amazing response? man fires six bullets at woman and child. and who gets the blame? 1) the woman, 2) the entire black population. wow. way to avoid looking at anything useful, way to avoid taking anything meaningful or salient from it. like points about domestic violence and our views on woman-centered violence or the justice system or prisons or 911 response... oh, but that stuff is no fun. you can't pin that on brown people! i forgot.

Rafael dijo:


Idiotas indeed! Looking to vent their racist ways. I guess they never being to a trailer park. Hell, just watch that "Real OC Bitch/Wifes" Show and in 5 seconds you can see that you can pump the white trash with money but that won't wash away the trash in her (or they). And for the record, I loath the use of the b-word, but sometimes...well you have to use it.

nezua limón xolagrafik-jonez Author Profile Page dijo:


wow. that's pretty intense rafa. i've never seen the show, tho. clearly it is an invigorating one.

of course sherrif shitferbrains has no point. of course in all "colors" of people, there is crime and there is dysfunction.

i mean in my opinion parts of the black population are still "acting out" the abuse given them by the culture. thats my view. yes, there is personal responsibility. for all of us. but when you get fucked and told in many ways you are shit by the crowd around you, you are going to react. and be a little twisted out of shape. so we all own that. we cant point over there and be like, wanting to draw a historical line before which we do not factor in anything! i mean, thats part of my whole haunted land talk.

and it might be a bad time to defend the "B" word's use. you know, in response to a post where a little girl is shot defending her mother, who was shot...by a sicko male exboyfriend. i know you were bouncing off of that thread, and its an ugly one, so i understand. but we need to combat anti-female energy, you and me, hermano.

Malicia dijo:


this makes me so sad. the saddest part is, obviously that this girl is in such critical condition, may lose her eye, and went through such a violent experience at such a young age. The other sadness is that the mom's pleas for help weren't heeded until it was too late, and that we aren'te surprised about this because she was 1) a woman and 2)black. THis happens all the time, where pleas for help aren't taken seriously, but the fact that he really DID attack so violently and that a little girl was shot multiple times makes it extraordinary.

I do think people need to take responsibility for themselves. Nez even had a post about "how to create a date rape victim" saying that the mothers actions were not teaching the daughter the right lessons about her right to say no. And I have to say I agree with that, I know many people are violently raped by people they don't know and no one is ever asking for it, but the only two girls I know personally who have told me they were raped - they didn't know how to say know, were in over their heads, and if they were taught a different way before hand how to be safe, take care of themselves, and that they had the right to say no to anything they wanted to, at least their situations could've been prevented. You do need to be careful who you hang out with, and this shows why.

However, when something like this happens there is no point in blaming anyone but the psycho who shot a little girl.

nezua limón xolagrafik-jonez Author Profile Page dijo:


yes, those are the saddest parts.

you mention blame, and i just want to underline that my post about how to "create" a victim was not intended to blame the girls or the mothers. i know i got some reaction there, and i thought a lot about what i said and how i said it before and afterward. my main point, and i dont mean to reopen it, but i want to make my intent clear now that it's brought up in such a way, was that as parents, we have to beware teaching kids they should submit to forced affection. because sometimtes you want to make kids hug and kiss their relatives or even you, when they dont want to. and i dont think its good to teach them that this boundary of their will and personal affection is so casually transgressed and by reason of your greater size and power, that you believe your parental will should overpower theirs on this. the confusion came because some were unclear as to if i was also saying that if you did refrain from forcing affection on them, were you guaranteed preventing their potential rape, and of course, you cannot prevent a rape by anything you teach a young girl. but you can teach her things to improve her chances of not ending up in a dangerous situation. and in these types of scenarios terrifying to even contemplate, i know i want my daughters to have all pluses on their side.

yeah, and deputydawg's reaction was just despicable to me.

i'm sorry alexis will lose her eye. but what a spirit! i can't even imagine what kind of fierce soul this is. or what she will become.

Malicia dijo:


Right, I only brought up that post of yours because I agree with it. I looked at it as preventative medicine - even health nuts can get sick but it doesn't hurt to take care of yourself, and chances are you WILL be healthier for it. And I believe that empowering women will lead to them making safer choices.

But I also agree that it's very important that women who are seeking help because they were attacked, or fear being attacked, need to be taken seriously, given help, and treated with compassion. There's still not near enough help for women in these situations, and as this example shows if the mom has kids they are never far removed from the situation so the help needs to be there for the moms so that they can help their kids.

b. medusa dijo:


i didn't know anything about this until seeing here about an hour ago. thank you for posting it, for your comments here, & especially for your comments to deputy dickhead & others. i think i woulda had a stroke if i'd read all those comments.

just read she came through surgery successfully, she's in stable condition, but she did lose her eye.

Rafael dijo:


Got it! Sometimes when you vent you hurt yourself.

As for the "acting out" part, well if your told that you are inferior by the culture around you, that your less than the "norm" you start thinking that people like you are also worthless. Since it easier to punch sideways or downward than up, people strike out at those who they believe and not worthy of respect. I seen it to many times, it an useful colonizing strategy, get them to fight each other, gnaw at each other, kill each other. Its a vicious cycle.

The violence is enabled (not created, people are still responsible for their own actions) by a culture that attacks and diminishes everything that you are, in your frustration you take it out against those who you believe are not worthy of anything else (members of the same race, or others on the competing ethnic/color ladder as well as women and children), then those who control the levers of power then turn around and say: "See we told you, so and so are just animals...etc, or why can't they get their act together" or some other bull. Why do you think the WASPs are so afraid of black militants and those streets demonstrations by immigrants and their supporters this year and the year last? Because they know that if the masses start punching upwards, their whole house of cards will come tumbling down.

The above is long and rambling and you have said as much in many of your post, but I thought I had to put it out there.