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13 de Enero, 2008

Clinton Camp Woos Imus for '08 Ticket

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ANY READER who has been following this blog for a while knows that I criticize and compliment most Democrats without hesitancy. I do not shift support, per se, from candidate to candidate. I just find things I admire, and things I do not, and I write about them as they arise.

I don't comment on the Republicans for the same reason I do not keep a notebook filled with thoughts I find distasteful and repugnant to my mind.

Also to be right up front, I have not yet found anything to support in Hillary Clinton's campaign aside from the fact that she is a woman who is taking on one hell of a climb and fight. Good for her. And I do mean that. But I'm not going to pretend I've been neutral about her. I have not. She represents the old guard to me. And perhaps even more importantly, a Clinton election would seem in my mind to necessitate or at least greatly invite a Bush re-election in response. I see both sides wanting to have the "last word" of history, and we need to squash that NOW. I don't want to see some inane dynastic tennis match played out en la casa blanca, I've had enough. If Clinton is elected, we know the Bush-ites will not rest until they hold the office, and again—in response. Of course they may seek the White House anyway. I mean, I'm sure they will. But I say we should all decide, in the name of opportunity (this being the Land of it), to let some others try the reins of power out. A tag-team dynasty Presidency not only scares me, it bores the hell out of me. Go get a real job, Clinton-Bushes. Stop trying to hoard the most powerful office in the nation. Maybe use your great political power to reconquer some of those jobs that we are told the Mexicans are stealing from us. I'd love to see Bush's nephew picking tomatos, or even Chelsea working a meatpacking plant. We'll show those job-stealing borderhoppers!

But now that the establishment Dems are pulling out racist dogwhistles and are a-blowin' fit to shake the leaves off every shade tree in Jena? Wow! You just shoved me about one thousand feet deep into Obama territory as a matter of necessity! Just as I warned anti-Hillary voters and talkers and typists not to create a backlash that would defeat their own agenda, I have to say this sneaky and tiiiiiiiiired RACIST leverage you are all pulling is a BAD idea. I'm very against attacking Hillary Clinton on the basis of her face, her ankles, the tonality of her voice, or any other physical (or misogynist) characteristics. But I gotta say. You are looking very ugly to me now, Senator.

First Senator Hillary Clinton says, as reported by The Globe, "In a fierce counterattack, Ms. Clinton has tried to prick the ballooning support for Mr. Obama, conceding he is 'a truly inspirational speaker' but adding he has 'not done the kind of spade work' to back up the promises."

Spade work? Wikipedia lists "spade" as an ethnic slur. "Spade - A black person.[160] recorded since 1928 (OED), from the playing cards suit."

Hillary Clinton supporter Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, according to TimeUnion.com blog on a radio show said, "It's not a TV crazed race. Frankly you can't buy your way into it," Cuomo said. "You can't shuck and jive at a press conference," he added. "All those moves you can make with the press don't work when you're in someone's living room."

Shuck and jive? According to Yahoo Answers, "To shuck and jive" originally referred to the intentionally misleading words and actions that African-Americans would employ in order to deceive racist Euro-Americans in power, both during the period of slavery and afterwards."

Finally CBS News reports, "A series of comments from Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, her husband, and her supporters are spurring a racial backlash and adding a divisive edge to the presidential primary as the candidates head south to heavily African-American South Carolina.

The comments, which ranged from the New York senator appearing to diminish the role of Martin Luther King Jr. in the civil rights movement - an aide later said she misspoke - to Bill Clinton dismissing Sen. Barack Obama's image in the media as a "fairy tale" - generated outrage on black radio, black blogs and cable television. And now they've drawn the attention of prominent African-American politicians..."

Hillary's Racism Rears Its Ugly Head - Again, blackrepublican.blogspot.com


"Spade"? "Shuck and Jive"??? "Hip Black Friend"? Coke dealer? Really? Ai yi yi. I guess your entire staff is preparing for a Clinton/Imus ticket. And you, O She of the Teary Eye and Heartfelt Repositioning, stand for "Change"??

Dunno. Sounds to me like you're drivin' around in an 1890 Crowmobile. Maybe in your neighborhood that's a hot rod. But to me, your political vehicle now officially deserves to be relegated to the junk yard. For real.

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Comentarios (10)

natthedem dijo:


Great post. I totally agree--though I find myself wondering if Obama supporters (as I am, admittedly) do any peril to the campaign.

I love the Clinton/Imus banner!

nezua limón xolagrafik-jonez Author Profile Page dijo:


i guess i've been hard on him too...because in all honesty, i prefer edwards' stances against entrenched corporate interests. after the primaries there will be no need to look at the choices so hard. we will have two.

unless i misunderstand your comment on doing peril to obama's campaign? would love to hear your comments, if i have.

thanks for the words on my banner! i have such devious fun with fotoshop.

ilyka dijo:


Thank you! I've been feeling a little guilty because I have friends who support her and I feel like it makes me the bad feminist who can't get on board with the program or whatever, but hell no, I can't support the racist code stuff, and hell yes, it's being done intentionally, and it's just disgusting. Also:

I see both sides wanting to have the "last word" of history, and we need to squash that NOW.

Yeah, that. No more aspiring "heroes of history." No more grandiosity. It was my understanding they were there to serve, not swagger.

Great post. And I LOVE the Obama grafik.

nezua limón xolagrafik-jonez Author Profile Page dijo:


they are all imperfect in my eyes. but i will NOT go for that shit. obama has not been using dogwhistles to lever ugly stuff against her, and she has crumbled and done so. i am not surprised, it fits her pattern of doing ANYthing to get there. and that, in and of itself, is a terrible sign.

i hear you on feminist friends. i find it exciting, the idea of a woman president. but you know what? i was for edwards over richardson, i did not stick to him blindly for being Latino. and if obama does nasty lowdown junk, i won't vote for him. even if he is the candidate. word! lead by showing us how great you can be. not how sleazy and same ole same old you can be. even if some of any platform is hype, there is no need to take us back to an ugly time, where using ideas about basketball, drugs, laziness, "spades," was acceptable in keeping blacks from power. HELL no.

and really, my friend, i think they are all "aspiring heroes of history." and i dont think you can be the sort of person who becomes president without being a bit grandiose. its a huge idea and a huge dream, and timid or insecure and self-effacing people do not get there. personally, i dont mind aspiration nor grandiosity. but using a tool like racism will not fly. if thats your mind, how will such a mind guide such powers that the presidency has? yuk.

thank you. and thanks for the words on the grafik!

R. Mildred dijo:


Wait a second; did the hillary people just accuse Obama of NOT being a 2-dimensional robot programmed by his upperclass white heterosexual male masters in the DLC to do their bidding to the detriment of everyone?

That's gotta be the nicest thing anyone's said about Obama yet.

and it sure beats all that "thundercats change! CHANGE!! CHANGE!!! HO!!!!" stuff anyway.

At least, until they reach the stage where they all do battle in giant robots. I think this year that's gonna be the real clincher.

nezua limón xolagrafik-jonez Author Profile Page dijo:


we do need change. desperately. almost as much as we need killer robots who love like there's no oily tomorrow.

natthedem dijo:


unless i misunderstand your comment on doing peril to obama's campaign? would love to hear your comments, if i have.

The situation with Robert Johnson in South Carolina which was so clearly an attack that even Bill Clinton couldn't it back has changed my mind on my original point...but, at the time, I wondered:

If the fire continues to burn, particularly among Obama supporters, doesn't Obama himself eventually have an obligation to respond? And, if so, isn't that the response Clinton wanted in the first place? Clearly, she showed her hand yesterday on MTP: to paint Obama as the angry black man.

RC dijo:


I missed your blogging Nez and I am glad you are back and laying on the text and graphics again. Looks like a very long and maybe increasingly nasty primary season coming up. I hope when all is said and done and the dust settles in November the winner is a person that will do the country some good. We desperately need that.
Meanwhile, February 5th will be coming at us very fast and the candidates that haven't grabbed some important support by then will have to drop out.
At that point, the race gets a lot hotter. This is nothing yet.

No One of Consequence dijo:


Aw, fuck, shit, and damn. So I am repulsed, for ten fucking years, at the misogynistic attacks on Clinton (a pol I've never liked) and say so, always having to both a) defend her forcefully and b) qualify the defense with "she gutted us with NAFTA" and such. Now I have to do this shit again for Obama. Why? Because both candidates are trying so hard to live a lie that they can't even respond to lies effectively. Did Obama think that running as a "white" candidate would give him some sort of immunity from racial slurs? The bargain was, of course, pretend I'm white and I'll ignore racism (and, incidentally, the constituents hurt by racism). Did he REALLY expect the mainstream to keep that bargain? He's dealing with the fucking Hellbound. Their souls are forfeit. There is no honor in the Beltway. The Clinton name is, for the first time since the Souljah moment, thoroughly stained with racism. Obama's (tremendously less significant) sin now is simply political naievete.

Does anyone need any further proof that none of these fuckers should win?

It should be legal for me to give up my vote for senator and city councilman and vote for Edwards twice.

And, oh, by the way -- this is thinking far ahead -- but NY really needs to get rid of Clinton if she doesn't get the nomination. Considering the minority population of that state, Clinton has no business even being in the same parking lot where someone drops a racial slur.

nezua Author Profile Page dijo:


i watched clinton arrange her newyorkiness to get that position and it grossed me out as someone who had lived in new york for over a decade. maybe she feels at home in westchester county where martha stewart and friends live, i dont know. i guess i could see that. but she really has no business representing new york to my way of thinking.