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17 de Enero, 2008


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img WOW. What a fantastic cold I caught in the city. I've been sick for a week and last night it morphed into a lung-drowning cough that made me have to sit up to fall asleep. Of course, it may not have helped that I was editing until four in the morning or so. I have to fill out one more type of form for MTV before I'm all done with my paperwork for submitting my first vlog (which was only a 1.5 minute intro), and then I think I may fall into the couch just for one tiny afternoon. I have to be full force on a book that's getting pubbed in México (I'm cover illustrator and also chapter headings illo hombre) soon...and really do have to get on my new vlog project (an actual piece this time involving other people and like, leaving the house) so I'm not...well, staying up til 4 am editing next week. Which I'll probably be anyway.

The flow of online noise junk-thought/junk-speech has increased as we now are only ...ten short months from the elections. I wade into it and feel little excitement. (Maybe that's just because it is taking about three chimichanga's worth of calorie energy to scroll an internet page at the moment.) Though nothing excites me more than the thought that I get to watch George. W. Bush (oh, to only dream that the man has Google Alerts set up) leave, yes'm—leave la Casa Blanca. The thought of that perpwalk (well, actually, I think of all his movements as a "perpwalk") and the absence of his sneering visage fills me with a lavender summer breeze type of sensation. Mmmm. Feel the oily wake of the Decider.

Speaking of lavender and summer breezes, I am too tired for clever segues. Coming soon: the fotografik account of my days at Zuky Ranch, and a part 3 to MTV camp. Which will be a bit more fun than the last entry. Because of course, despite all other considerations, it was fun, too.

Finally, an ex-girlfriend once told me I was the only person she knew who cooked by remote control. That's right. Deal with it.

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Comentarios (5)

Carmen D. dijo:


Umm..not to noodge too much...but that cough sounds a little worrisome. Should you get it checked out?

nezua limón xolagrafik-jonez Author Profile Page dijo:


true enough. someone else emailed me too. i think for now i'll keep guzzling tea and broth and such. i'm hoping it just got bad last night because its trying to break down and leave. you know, they have different stages. and well because i stayed up almost all night. not exactly a smart move when you're sick. but hey. video killed the radio star. and it would not be accurate to call me as much. so i think i'm safe.

thank ya noodgie

Pete Shot the Deputy dijo:


You know, I've had a nasty cough I can't shake for a about a week. It starts to get better, then I'm up all night finishing up a paper or something then working all day in a germ filled office and the cough comes back full force. I tried buying some over the counter medicine for it right before work, but couldn't because they wanted to see I.D. and I forgot my wallet 13 miles away. I was ready to punch someone.

I seem to be recovering with just vitamin C and echinacea (don't think I spelled it right).

Get better dude.

Tomas el Yanqui dijo:


Guys, don't monkey with the cough this season. There's a nasty little viral bug going around that (in my case and a couple of other people where I work) managed to turn into viral pneumonia. I knew something was wrong when it started to hurt when I coughed, about 2-3 weeks after the cough started.

I didn't really feel bad until then, and I didn't even have a fever. But the pneumonia sure knocked me back on my heels.

Seriously -- don't take chances with it. I had a dry, unproductive, nagging cough for a couple of weeks. Next thing I know, I'm on Cipro Mark III or something -- the docs said they couldn't do anything about the virus, but that the antibiotics would keep me from picking up secondary infections while I was getting over the virus. Mi esposa is still mad at me for not going to the doc sooner.

nezua limón xolagrafik-jonez Author Profile Page dijo:


whoa. that's scary.