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5 de Febrero, 2008

Obama Raises the Dead

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WILL THE MAN'S powers of unification never cease???

Barack Obama wants to bring America together, and he has started with the Grateful Dead. The feuding members of the fabled Sixties psychedelic rock group dissolved their business operations several years ago. But last night at the Warfield Theater before a sold out election eve crowd, Bob Weir, Phil Lesh and Mickey Hart were singing “Come Together” on behalf of the Obama campaign in San Francisco.

Before the show, the three living Dead faced the press in a curtained-off nook of the Warfield basement; they had just finished a ninety-minute afternoon soundcheck that would serve as the show’s sole rehearsal. “I think that we all knew Obama was the guy for us, but we hadn’t talked about it because we’d all been doing our own thing,” said bassist Phil Lesh. Mickey Hart admitted that band members hadn’t seen each other in “years and years.” But “we knew instinctively, intuitively that we were all together on this,” said Bob Weir. “We came together and we’re doing it.”

Grateful Dead Reunite for Barack Obama Benefit Show

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Comentarios (8)

r@d@r dijo:


i like that - "the three living dead". were they eating brains?

couldn't he have got a better, more recent group with a dead leader to endorse him, like the clash? [sure, they were british, but so what. they stole from american music with aplomb] or perhaps green day, creators of the seminal and timely "american idiot"?

when i think of the grateful dead, i don't think leftism or liberalism - i think capitalism [in this instance, the flogging of a consumer product well past its expiration date]. heck, that must be why he chose them.

so i guess the stench i'll be holding my nose against when i cast my vote for him will be that of patchouli.....

nezua limón xolagrafik-jonez Author Profile Page dijo:


jeje. funny!

one small but very important thing: he didn't "get them" to endorse him. that's really the great part of all these endorsements, band reunions and media treats. its all done by inspired people, and many of them speaking in this way, or for such a cause for the first and atypical time.

Rafael dijo:


Now thats power.

M dijo:


Y'know, Coulter might switch her renegade vote to Obama now; she's a Deadhead.

(M supplies probably more than anyone wanted to know about Ann Coulter)

Dave von Ebers dijo:


Coulter a Dead Head? Oh, good lord. Now I've heard everything.

Anyway, before you trash the Dead for being overly capitalistic, remember they were the ones who set up special areas at their concerts for people to record their live shows. They were giving it away long before, I dunno, Radiohead or whatever.

And as for the Clash ... well, Joe Strummer bein' dead and all, all that's left is, um, Big Audio Dynamite, basically. Not sure I'd want an endorsement from B.A.D.

On second thought, maybe Obama will start picking up endorsements from dead rock stars ... Jerry, Joe Strummer, the handful of Ramones who've gone down before their time ... it'd be like that Jim Carroll Band song from way back when. With Obama, all things are possible.

Kai dijo:


Hehe, yeah this news gave me a good chuckle yesterday. If only Jerry were around to lend his inimitable voice, I'd guess that he would have been talking up Obama...maybe he would've said that he saw a "harmonic convergence" around this candidacy, something like that. He was a very snappy speaker and social observer, actually, never lost an intellectual step despite all the bodily abuse. I'll never forget The Onion headline when Jerry left: "Head Deadhead Dead".

As for Coulter...when I was following the Dead up and down the West coast in the back of a hippy van at the tender age of 19, nobody was viewed with more contempt than all the college conservatives who showed up in crisp tie-dyes, loudly brandishing memorized bootleg set lists and using the scene to aggressively score spiteful hipster points. Not Deadheads; losers who couldn't buy an eighth-ounce of hip for all the trust fund money in the world.

Peace, love, and LSD, sisters and brothers; vote Obama and steal your face right off your head...

~~**dances while spinning in circles**~~

nezua limón xolagrafik-jonez Author Profile Page dijo:


and there, amigos, is a just a tiny hint of why kai is tha man.

Rafael dijo:


Kai is the Duuuude!