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6 de Febrero, 2008

The Unapologetic Mexican ACTION FIGURE!

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I KNOW YOU have been on pins and needles for this little treat and now you can finally stop living without it! The Official Unapologetic Muertolito as crafted by the very talented Jerry Vigil, of vigilarte.net!

Jerry is a wild gato who specializes in Chicano arte, Muertos arte, y Santos arte. He does crazy-cool work and I'd say that even without this finest of additions.

Crazy, vato! I'm honored. And STYLIN'!

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Comentarios (8)

Carmen D. dijo:


I'm feelin' those boots. ;)

Rafael dijo:


That is one awesome ALIENZ vibe!

Pete Shot the Deputy dijo:


I really like the rastah-man one.

RickB dijo:


You know I'm thinking-animation- it would certainly liven up the next Wallace & Gromit adventure.
And on another topic some swarm pimping- There's a blogswarm for the 5th anniversary of the Iraq war on the 19th March, being coordinated to get things going at march19-blogswarm.blogspot.com so if you want to get involved/ mark it in your diary/spread the word that would be great.

Jerry Vigil dijo:


And you are welcome, thanks to all! Paz!

Tomas el Yanqui dijo:


If it's got teh soopar Kung-Fu grip like the old GI Joes, I'm in. ;)

mhg dijo:


I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!