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21 de Febrero, 2008

Zombified Crowd Chases Pipe Dream of Hope

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Early voting starts today in Texas. In Waller County, a primarily rural county about 60 miles outside Houston, the county made the decision to offer only one early voting location: at the County Courthouse in Hempstead, TX, the county seat.

Prairie View A&M students organized to protest the decision, because they felt it hindered their ability to vote. For background, Prairie View A&M is one of Texas' historically Black universities. It has a very different demographic feel than the rest of the county. There has been a long history of dispute over what the students feel is disenfranchisement. There was a lot of outrage in 2006, when students felt they were unfairly denied the right to vote when their registrations somehow did not get processed. [...]

1000 students, along with an additional 1000 friends and supporters, are this morning walking the 7.3 miles between Prairie View and Hempstead in order to vote today. [...]

Thanks to the students' efforts, with a little help from the Federal Government, additional early voting sites will be open (just not right away)

Thousands of Prairie View Students March 7.3 Miles to Vote

From the comments:

Dan Grant, candidate for US Congress District 10, marched with the students to vote this morning. [...]

this is not the first time Waller County has tried voter suppression tactics in Waller County specifically targeted to the Prairie View A&M students. [...]

man, this gives you goosebumps. It's been so long since we've seen this much energy centered around the right to vote, and exercising that right.
Hats off to Prairie View. You are an inspiration for the state, and the country.


"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi
by: Todd Hill @ Tue Feb 19, 2008 at 17:38:52 PM CST

Cuidate, Todd! Better be careful quoting pollyanna pro-change messages in your signature, or making "historical" type statements, and especially talking goosebumps and energy or lauding people who are inspired and moving en masse to fulfill idealistic notions! In this new anti-inspiration era, you align yourself with certain cultish movements and thus threaten to invalidate your agenda! PUT THE BRAKES ON MAN!

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Comentarios (2)

LivvySidhe dijo:


Yep, he's out of control! This is one cult I'd be glad to subsume my will to all glassy-eyed. It's not often I see something happen in my state and swell with pride and inspiration. Brains! Uh, I mean, democracy! Seriously, though, go Prairie View.

Jaime dijo:


These kinds of blatant attempts at voter disenfranchisement against young folks (and I realize, in this case, much of motivation is racial) are rampant. In my town, the older, working class type folks got really ugly about all of the young college kids who turned out to vote in our caucus. Tere were letters to the editor in the newspaper calling for their right to vote to be stripped away and such, because they don't "belong here." I'm doing my MTV blog about that this week.

It's a hard tension for me, because I come from a blue collar family, and I understand working class values. I understand where that anger and mistrust toward the condescension of the privileged (which, to be honest, can just mean somebody with a good vocabulary, no matter which side of the street they were actually born on) comes from, but I'm also college educated and don't have the fear of the unknown that is sometimes so prevalent among not only my parents' friends back in Pittsburgh, but also my neighbors here in this struggling old mill town. This in-between place can be hard to navigate at times.