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5 de Marzo, 2008

Bushian Tactics Win TX and OH Primaries

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CLINTON wins primaries (not caucuses) in TX and OH, and Obama wins VT.

Funny, how the media bullhorn was pumping up Obama for weeks and then turned right around and began pumping up Clinton and I have the feeling that too many of the voices that opine out there in MSMland are much more interested in seeing the two Dem contenders tear each other (and all in their path) up than they are to see old Fuddy Duddy McWarface square off against either one. If you like, just call it a silly characterization of a Beast That Has No Brain, but I'm betting now that Clinton looks better, the pundits will even it off a little, to keep Obama present in our minds. Back and forth, back and forth. Maybe we can drag it out until summer...

Nobody much cares about looking at McCain because it's too EASY to look at the party that got our nation in the deep deep trouble its in and that feels oogy, we might have to remember that CheneyBush has singlehandedly destroyed our economy, global standing, and morale and now the GOP potential successor is running on the same damn platform. That might look like the Dems would take it! Better to just focus on Dems hating Dems, twice the insults, twice the focus on the party that really ought to be nailing down this election with one hand. Maybe I'm silly to even think it matters who wins. But I sure don't look forward to McCrazy taking idle potshots at both Obama and HRC Inc. while they go round and round with each other.

Suddenly this battle between two Dems going on and on until it possibly even reaches Oregon—all while the McCainiac casually chooses his best shoes and running mate—really depresses me. This man is dangerous! And he's just takin' his time and not even being scrutinized. Ai yi yi.

Mostly, it just disgusts and saddens me that Clinton pulled out her fear wand again in speeches last night (and if the election becomes about "Nat'l Security" as she's framing it using the 2001 - 2008 Bushian Fear Frames, why is McCain not at a great advantage?) and that she is using fake Bushian newscasts and that even with no real numerical chance to pull this off, her campaign sees such means as acceptable. I don't think we have any doubt that the Clintons will take it as far as they have to. Chase that Sweet-treat of Power until nothing is left standing and the "Left" splits irrevocably into smaller factions that care more for warring with each other than changing what our nation has become. Oh well. Should I even care?

Why does she not see how distressing it is to hear the "Left" running and succeeding using the poisoned memes and thinking that Bush has used to molest our nation and psyche for most of the last ten years? Why do the Clintons not see that nothing could be more dispiriting than watching the continuation of these ugly methods and smallish views? Even (and especially) when they continue to be effectively employed and hailed as "success"?

Obama still leading in delegates.

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Comentarios (7)

M Author Profile Page dijo:


I'm weary of the whole process already. And I think that if it does drag out until the summer, the long fight will create substantial party division because of the very close efforts between Obama and Clinton. Call McCain's supporters whatever, but they're pretty cohesive. People might become apathetic and jump aisles in all different directions: Democrats upset with the nominee going to Nader; Republicans disgusted with McCain going to Obama IF he's the nominee -- they won't vote for Hillary Clinton; Democrats that won't vote for any candidate if Hillary takes the nomination.

And throughout all of this, the honest engagement with racism and sexism in American society has NOT happened except to come up with a half-assed scoresheet of perceptive slights. My politiclit needs lube and a change in scenery.

nezua Author Profile Page dijo:


straight up.

and i think you are right. i think in a year when democrats should have no contest taking the white house...i think they are on the road to seriously endangering even that.

XP dijo:


I have to disagree with you that she has no real numerical chance to pull this off. People keep thinking that Texas has a normal delegate count, which it is not. Many writers, especially the one you linked to don't like because isn’t tailored to meet media deadlines. Texas will send a total of 228 delegates to the Democratic National Convention. 126 delegates will be assigned based on primary results in 31 State Senate Districts, which Hillary has won 65 to 61. Of the remaining 102 delegates, 67 are determined through a convention process that begins at precinct caucuses on the night of March 4 and culminates with delegate allocation based on each candidate's delegate strength at the State Convention on June 6-8. Of those 67 delegates, 42 are "at large" rank and file delegates and 25 are pledged party leaders, legislators, and local elected officials. The remaining 35 delegates are "unpledged" delegates, including 32 so-called "superdelegates" who are DNC Members, Members of Congress, a former House Speaker and a former DNC Chair. Three other delegate slots are reserved for highly-honored state Democrats, such as respected former officeholders. As of right now, she is behind by 100 delegates. It is possible that, Hillary could actually win all 102 remaining delegates.

There was not surge in voting because of those red phones. Texas exit polls show there was no last-minute decision voters that went out in droves for Clinton. That commercial ran on election day and according to the CNN exit polls, only 11% of the 3 million voters who decided to vote that day it was a split, so they canceled each other out.

The same thing occurred in Ohio. The reason the ads did not have an affect, it was already being talked about before the aired. The red phone became a joke, we have seen worse. If you actually believe in the hype about the "red phone" ad and that it drove people to vote for Clinton, then you obvious have a low opinion of us Texans and those who living in Ohio.

The truth is both candidates campaign ads are questionable. All month Obama campaign ad kept mentioning he "intend to tell the corporate lobbyists that their days of setting the agenda in Washington are over, that they had not funded [his] campaigns." His rhetoric implies that he is not taking money from people who want things from the government and push for them. Ummmm hello, the reality is that he has. He may not be receiving money from what is technically defined as a lobbyists, but if you go to Opensecrets you find that that he is received gobs of money from special interests groups. The pharmaceutical and health product industries has contributed $338,000 to Obama. Health professionals, which include doctors, nurses, and dentists, have given Obama $1.7 million.

The truth is you can't break the hold of lobbyists and special interests in Washington if you refuse to accept a donation in one manner and then attend a fund raiser and take the donation in another manner. He has succeeded in muddying up the water so it's less clear who he owes anything to and that is also a Bushian tactic.

People will become apathetic because the frames that are coming from supporters are leaving a bad taste in people mouths. During the last two weeks, the only dominate frame people heard were either you were a racist is you didn't support Obama or you were a sexist if you didn't support Hillary. How are we suppose to have a real discussion of the issue if each issue is wrap around these frames.

cero dijo:


I am depressed about the election. I am depressed because now it may be that both the dem and the rep choices are people who voted for the Iraq war. I am depressed because I know that if I don't vote or vote for a third party candidate it will, according to some, be "my fault" if McCain wins, and people will say things would have been so much better with Hillary. But right now I can't imagine pulling a lever for her - thought I wouldn't have to countenance it, either. So: you've gotta keep campaigning against McCain, Nez. - if anyone gets me to the polls to vote for Hillary, it'll be you!

nezua Author Profile Page dijo:


always appreciate your input, my friend.

XP dijo:


Another thing. Nobody is mentioning how the Latino vote was critical to Clinton's victory. And not just any Latino vote, but a certain region that made this happen. It is one that scares the shit out of the urban politicos and the political establishment. The reason, it takes away a large chunk of their political muscle. The urban areas went for Obama, but the minute the border area numbers came in that is when the tide changed.

Clinton's margin of victory over Obama statewide was more than 98,000 votes. But if you add the margin of victory for Clinton in the four most populous counties along the border together they would equal more than 122,000 votes. There are big battles between the urban and border politicos since the time Texas was stolen. In the big picture, this a major win for Latinos and the under-represented and suppressed border areas. If Obama does end up getting more delegates, once again the border area voices are silenced because the delegate process was meant to favor the urban areas and not the rural and border areas since they tend to vote more often in general elections.

You may disagree on the candidate they decided to vote for, but I do urge you to share with them in there victory. When Dolores Huerta said a win for Clinton is a win for Latinos. In this case it is true. This victory goes way beyond Clinton and way beyond Obama. This is way the media is not covering it. This is a victory about respect and fair representation for the Brown. Something we have been longing for since my own ancestor's land along with many others were stolen from racists gringos and since then been forced to work in the fields of these racist Texas ranchers after Texas' independence.

This victory obviously changes political dynamics in Texas, something the Texas political establishment has been fearing - fear of a Brown Tejas. We now have political clout. The sleeping giant has finally awoken. At least be happy for us in this respect.

nezua Author Profile Page dijo:


you know what i am happy for, XP? that you and i can be totally on different sides of the election, and remain friends giving each other respect. that is far more important to me than numbers in texas. you will always have a space here to state your case and i may not argue with you because i simply dont want to argue, but i do not agree with clinton nor her tactics, nor that she is best for latinos. but you are raza, and mi amigo, and i'm sure we'll be working together even after clinton and obama come and go, or at least i hope so. peace.


cero, i understand. and i say dont pull that lever unless your heart is behind it.