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11 de Marzo, 2008

Faceless Females, Pt. 473

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PERHAPS I'M BEING oversensitive to notice different media treatment of white women and brown women (and here, I mean "brown-skinned" and not just "brown" metaphorically) while walking through the women's underwear section of a store (not a usual pastime, no), and I know we've come a long way in that at least I see a lot of black/asian/latino models in the standup posters as opposed to the straight-up blonde/fair look, but this disparity struck me as odd:

The disappearing and dehumanizing act rolls on in some places. Usually a treatment reserved for women in visual representation, here it seems to fall squarely on only one type.


P.d.: Luckily, I did not get thrown out of the store for what may have come across as rather odd photography habits. These days a shutterbug is afraid to shoot with all the TERRRRRURRRR in the air you may just have some vatos show up and think you are planning some kind of bra-billboard bombing...

fotos taken with my iPhone ;)

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Comentarios (10)

M.Yu dijo:


Very interesting...

This sh*t is all over if you are tuned to it. I try to show it to folks but some just do not have the perception filter adjusted. The racial stuff is very evident in some places, especially here in TX.

I also try to show how many beer (especially lite beer) and snack food commercials show white men as chubby stupid TV addicted morons who always seem to have the hot wife rolling her eyes at his inane behavior. I guess it is not perceived as offensive because even if you are that, the big TV and model wife make it OK to be a senseless fool.

I guess white men have no place to complain about being stereotyped and demeaned by the media...especially since they own it all!

Good eye and nice catch N

nezua Author Profile Page dijo:


its true, once you begin focusing...it leaps out at you relentlessly. time and time again.

funny comment on the beerdrinkingteeveewatchingsoftwhitemalewithhotwife! i'll have to look for that. i dont have TV. but you bring memories back.

thank you.

RickB dijo:


I think you're right, the images will be carefully edited/framed before printing and something is definitely going on there. There have been a few reports and surveys of practices in the fashion industry and it is repeatedly found to be conservative and white dominated, which is often hidden by its projected image as edgy, 'liberal' and young.

nezua Author Profile Page dijo:


yeah, this clearly was no accident. i'm pretty aware, too, of the care taken in visual presentation/arts/media. and women of color having their bodies be presented as commodity and their minds and intellectual works stolen or invisibled is a long-running practice.

RC dijo:


I'm going to be studying the newspaper undie ads very closely Nez now that you pointed this out. I have no TV either and no malls here. Come to think of it, I have always studied the undie ads closely. I'll start taking notes.
About the terror thing -- I was told to stop using my camera on 42nd Street and Second Avenue in Manhattan in September of 2005 by an Asian American police sergeant named Lam. Oddly, he and I ended up having a whole extended conversation in Spanish 'cause he did not believe I had been in PR for the last 20 years and I didn't know that life had changed completely on good old 42nd Street and he filled me in. Needless to say, I was shocked that he was really serious that I could not use the camera there that day. "It is a different world here now" said Lam.
I guess that includes the underwear scene too, but he didn't get into that.

William dijo:


And my partner thinks I'm 'over-reading' it when I point that shit out!

nezua Author Profile Page dijo:


well, i studied media in two schools and its my profession, i like to think of myself as being "on the inside" of the craft, and trust me: you are not "over-reading."

Donna dijo:


The woman we bought this house from loved ordering stuff from catalogs, high end ones too. So we've been getting all of them and I was flipping through one of them and the one thing I noticed was that most of the white women looked serious and professional with the occasional closed mouth smile, but the black women were all big toothy grins or even laughing. (It was only white and black, no latinas or asian women etc.) I was wondering what the deal was with that, are black women scary if they look serious or something? I wish I could remember what catalog it was, it was mostly business suits anyway. We use them for kindling in the fireplace, so it's long gone now.

R. Mildred dijo:


which is often hidden by its projected image as edgy, 'liberal' and young.

Well most things with an "Image" of edgy, let alone "liberal" and "young" are massively conservative.

And anyway, the "edginess" and "liberalness"" is generally ascribed to fashionistos due to them being gay - and there seems to be a massive correlation to the amount of money a gay guy gets paid and them being huge misogynistic racists i.e. if they're getting huge sums, they're going to be hugely off the fucking shelf.

This is due to The folks in charge of the big money being happier paying huge sums of money to gay men who are huge assscarfs, esepcially now that it's "hip" to be "un-pc" and the bastards feel confortable again being bastards - like Hillary and her "reasonably xenophobic candidate is...reasonable" campaign, they are bronze medal winners in the oppression olympics.

nezua Author Profile Page dijo:



and thanks for the new word. "assscarf." i can see a whole series of ads for that one.