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27 de Marzo, 2008

Is Avoidance the Answer?

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THESE DAYS, there is a sure way to have me laugh at writing and declare it devoid of intelligent method, and that is to employ cute little hatenames for Obama supporters. I mean, come on. Is "Obama supporters" really so hard to type? Does it actually hurt to not sling the derision? Is it a deep, gnawing pain?


What if [Senator Barack Obama] can't buy a white working-class vote?

Is Al Gore the Answer?, Joe Klein

Because Obama can only buy white votes. Careful, Joe. Your lens is showing.

So. To the point. Is Gore the answer? No! Gore is not "the answer." He is a white male, yes. But nominating a white male because you are afraid how the electorate will receive the nomination or fallout from a woman battling a black male for the Presidency is not an answer. That is called running away from conflict and the unfamiliar. It's a conservative motion, that. But not part of moving forward.

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Jaime dijo:


Not to mention, despite his admirable environmental work of the last few years, Al Gore is a long way from embodying progressive ideals. There are reasons that I, and a lot of other progressives, voted for Nader in 2000 (sure, naivete was one reason, but not the only one). Here's a rundown, pulled for convenience sake (so I don't have to look it all up myself, again), from a blog written by "The Urban Monk," Dogo Nanshin Barry Graham, the day after Gore was awarded his Nobel Prize:

• He fought against abortion rights
• He voted with Jesse Helms to allow discrimination against people with HIV
• He also teamed up with Helms in the "Robert Mapplethorpe controversy"
• He called homosexuality "abhorrent behavior"
• He helped undermine the Endangered Species Act in the snail darter case
• He fought for the construction of a nuclear reactor in Tennessee, his home state
• He fought for a free trade agreement on timber with no measures to protect the environment
• He spoke out strongly in favor of the Gulf War
•  He voted for the neutron bomb, the B2 bomber, Minuteman, Trident 2 and Star Wars
• He strongly favors the death penalty

And, back in the 80s, he was cozy with Fred "God Hates Fags" Phelps.

Is that really the direction we want the Democratic party to go? I've said repeatedly that Obama is still too conservative for me, but he's so much better than Gore ...