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11 de Marzo, 2008

Lucky Boy

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An Obama aide has struck back at the Clinton campaign over comments made last week by Geraldine Ferraro, calling them “outrageous and offensive.”

Susan Rice, a senior adviser to Mr. Obama, was responding to Ms. Ferraro’s remarks on MSNBC Tuesday morning. Ms. Ferraro told a Los Angeles newspaper that the “sexist media” and the country has “gotten caught up in the Obama campaign.”

“If Obama was a white man, he would not be in this position,” she said, according to an article published in the Daily Breeze. “And if he was a woman of any color he would not be in this position. He happens to be very lucky to be who he is. And the country is caught up in the concept.”

—Obama Aide Criticizes Ferraro Comments

MI ESPOSA said in response to this: "Well...Hillary wouldn't be in this position if it weren't for her husband." Which points out, more than anything, what a silly attack such a line is, coming from the Clinton camp. And in general! You know what, Geraldine? I'm very lucky to be who I am! Don't you feel that way, too? I hope so.

I'm not really sure we can say that Obama would not be in "this position" if he were a white man. Personally, I think the man is brilliant and has a few gifts that set him apart from any of the "white men" (as well as from Hillary Clinton) I've seen run for office lately....or in my lifetime, perhaps. I don't—unlike Ms. Ferraro—feel his success so far is simply due to his skin tint! We could pick many things. For me, one of them is I just like his story better. The story of his life, his challenges, where he came from, what it meant to him, how it shaped him.

I think Ms. Ferraro is saying, in effect, "Dammit, if it weren't for this Obama phenomenon, Hillary would have this wrapped up, WTF is going on???" Yeah, I think Geraldine Ferraro sounds unguardedly bitter and is probably seeing HerFailedBid-as-RevivedInClinton, so I don't really blame her for strongly identifying with HRC and appreciate her working long hours for her and such...but I think her comments are essentially gross. Yeah, I think Ms. Ferraro ought to get some rest before speaking to the Press here on in.

update: Ferraro says comment is valid, and she is only catching backlash "because I'm white."

Interesting comment from the thread at article.

Time and again, I’ve watched Hillary move from talking about how proud she is to be running against Obama to talking about his lack of preparation and readiness. It seems as though she’s trying to imply that he’s an affirmative action candidate and that he would not be in the place he is today if he wasn’t black.

A lot of the “naive” kid talk has bothered me for a while. I think there are some real undertones there. I’d love to see an Obama ad of her calling his Pakistan position “frankly naive” and then parroting it a month and a half later at the Nevada debate.

At the very least, I do think this issue begs discussion. It’s funny how it’s okay to talk openly about sexism in our country but not about racism. The minute someone raises racism as an issue they get slammed, as the comments here demonstrate. If you took a Hillary speech on how tough it is to be a woman and substituted “being a black man” you could see that Obama could never speak as openly as she does about the barriers he’s faced.

Yet supposedly gender is a bigger obstacle than race. Yeah right. Pull your heads out of the sand. There have been a half-dozen female leaders in Western countries and a dozen more contenders. A serious black contender? Never. Segregation ended 40 years ago.

What do you think?

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Comentarios (12)

RC dijo:


It's nice that you are polite about Ferraro's comments, I don't think I would be. You are a better man than I.
At another blog the writer states that he is tired of Hillary claiming that Obama running against her is just so unfair and how will she ever cope? Then the blogger goes on to say, come on, Hillary, you are running against a black man named Hussein and you can't win? How many points do we need to spot you?
I agree with your esposa, Nez, Hillary is a Senator and a Presidential candidate due to Bill, and while she can do the job I am sure, Obama is not a candidate because Michelle got him name recognition.
If there is really any reason that any candidate can fall back on as to why their opponents are running this year it would be that after George even I, RC, human wreck that I am, look presidential. The bar is really low now, and while Obama is a high quality candidate, George is a really easy act to follow.
I am beginning to think that if the trajectory doesn't change soon the Democrats, led by Hillary, will give the Presidency to McCain.
It really would not surprise me. I have so little faith in that party's machine.
I believe they plan how to successfully lose contests years in advance no matter how much the fates collude to help them win. It is time for Dean and some of the other visionaries there to promise Hillary some kind of shiny prize in the new administration and get her off the trail before the convention.
I think it is very plain that there are just far too many people who really detest her and Bill and many are Democrats. That may be unfair, but it is an unpleasant fact that they should face.
They have Bill tied down somewhere now, so they have gotten half the message. Now it is time for somebody to splain some sad little things to Hillary.
I would choose Hillary over McCain, but due to her Iraq record, I would not be at all happy about the choice. I will vote in PR in the Democratic primary in June, here in PR we cannot vote in the general election, even as absentees.
I will therefore not be voting for Hillary in either election.

broogha dijo:


geraldine has done nothing to add to the election taking place, merely futhering the division in the democratic party.

it is quite clear that hill and bill want to win at all cost. the democratic party is playing right along with this disaster, because it is politics as usual, (as in most areas of the u.s.) bill and hill have much power; in this country power means money.

i should make it clear, i am not an obama supporter, in fact i supported edwards. i am a non-white, african-american female, in fact. i do not and have not voted for any candidate because of his/her race and or gender, contrary to what the media and other would have us believe: "blacks vote for other blacks because of skin color". while that happens, i would be willing to bet that many more whites vote for whites for the same reason; however very seldom is this addressed by the media.

while it is quite true that the republicans stole the elections of 2000 and 2004, the democrats will be the ones to steal or perhaps i should say "give it away in 2008".

i will support obama if he is the chosen candidate, because i believe he is less of the same of what we have had for the last 16 years and i might add, just as qualified as any of the candidates. i will not vote for hillary should she be given the candidacy; am willing to write nader's name or my own as an option rather than hrc.

overall, i believe that this election has proven what many wish we forget; this is not a color blind country--built on racism from the moment europeans set foot on this land and encountered indigenous people.

many who say they had nothing to do with what happened in the past (now benefitting from what is referred to as "white privilege") want us to just "get past it". for them i will paraphrase elaine brown "that page on history can not be turned until it is written."

Pat Logan dijo:


'Luck' usually takes decades of hard work to pull off. Sounds like sour grapes to me.

mikefromtexas dijo:


As I saw someone post up earlier, 'If he were a white man, this race would be over already. He'd be the nominee'.

soy de califas dijo:


I think Ferraro screwed up. I happen to agree with her comment and will not vote if that man is the nominee, EVEN if it means giving the election away. I just will not vote for him.

SoyDeCalifas dijo:


I think Ferraro screwed up in saying this publicly and in the way she said it. I happen to agree with her comment and will not vote if that man is the nominee, EVEN if it means giving the election away. I just will not vote for him.

nezua Author Profile Page dijo:


yes, i'm sure the obama campaign will be very shaken up about that.

William dijo:


Ferraro sounds like Barbara Bush

I guess it is true that all vampires come from the same bloodline...

Donna dijo:


This isn't the first time she has said this either:

If being black is so great for one's political career, why haven't we had any black presidents before now, or where are the hundreds of black governors, senators, mayors? Why are these black politicians so rare?

Malicia dijo:


Hillary all ready seems bizarre enough. She doesn't need any help. Por ejemplo, insinuating Obama should be the VP. When she's obviously dissed the guys ability in a campaign ad (which he brought up, he said something like "who would chose as a VP, someone a heartbeat away from the presidency, someone they didn't think is ready to be a leader?") and the whole shebang of the picture with him in the Kenyan clothes. Plus, as he's also mentioned, he's #1, it's pretty crass to be saying that about Obama when he's gotten more votes so far.

I do want a female president, so many other countries have gotten a female president and we haven't, and I was all for Hillary before this campaign. But you gotta earn someone's vote whatever your gender or skin color and Hillary isn't earning it - she sounds more like "what can YOU do to help ME become president" - while Obama truly seems enthused about the opportunity to help people.

In short at this point I am an Obama supporter. Hillary had her chance, and she blew it because America has had enough nastiness in the last 8 years, and I'm worried with her it won't be over.

This Ferraro comment is ridiculously stupid. It wouldn't change my opinion on anything, she's just spouting off and Hillary has lost my vote for her all by herself. But Obama is an amazing speaker and I think it's more than just his charisma, he really seems to have put a lot of work into grassroots stuff with this election, and my admiration is growing. Ferarro could prefer Clinton but she was unprofessional in saying that Obama came to this point solely by race. I personally think the only kernel of truth in that because he grew up around a lot of different races and cultures of people it may help him on the campaign trail listen and respond to the needs of a variety of different groups. But Hillary has travelled the world, tried health care reform - she has the opportunity to she that she can listen and has learned from her mistakes and come out on top - and she's not taking it. She's showing she's learned how to be manipulative, and that's about it. Obama is earning his votes fair and square.

Pinky dijo:


I think it's ironic that they're trying to make Obama the "affirmative action candidate" since affirmative action's greatest beneficiaries are white women. The right tries to turn affirmative action into something that is all about supposedly-unqualified people of color, when, in reality, white women are the ones who reap the most benefits, yet are allowed to remain the invisible beneficiaries. Anyway, that's kinda a side note, but i just find it supremely amazing how many times the clinton campaign has chosen to use the tactics of the right to attack obama. i'm ready for the primary season to be over (or maybe this whole election season).

nezua Author Profile Page dijo:


some time has gone by and i've seen her step down and heard her speak on youtube myself, defiant and racist and horribly ugly and it is telling that only now is she leaving the clinton campaign, when clearly they would have kept her on if the outrage hadn't grown so loud. as i said, the clinton machine is destroying itself...just stand aside and watch it implode....