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3 de Marzo, 2008

Scaring Up Votes for a New Day

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I DON'T NEED pages of links or policy tidbits to know that a Clinton presidency has nothing at all to do with change—something I think we all want very badly—when she insists on playing the Fear card in her bid for the most powerful seat in the world. Disappointing. Tired. Sad. And I don't normally bother too much with slamming her run, because, hey, it's all politics on both sides, and I'd rather focus on those people and situations which move me to positivity. But I need to say I am utterly grossed out that after all we've been through in these last eight years, ANYbody would think of rolling up with the same old shadow puppets.

Clinton camp says its a legitimate question to ask: Who do you want sitting up at 3 am worried and wearing a suit? Obama camp says it's a legitimate question to ask, but that Senator Clinton already had her "red phone moment" and failed when she backed the Iraq invasion. And perhaps most telling are words like those from the Carpetbagger Report which states calmly

Maybe I’ve become desensitized a bit, but this one didn’t really faze me that much. It feels like a regular ol’ Republican ad, except a) this is from a Dem; and b) the ad doesn’t show any brown people we’re supposed to be afraid of.


Sure, business as usual. We're desensitized to being manipulated with fear. But guess what? That's why I want something different sounding out from the Big Bullhorn on Avenida Pennsylvania. And this lame ad as Clinton and Obama roll into TX and OH...this is what the Clinton camp has? That's it? That's what ya got? Nah. That is, I mean Nope. That ain't a new dawn, that's UV rays on a burn that's not even done healing. Change? That's not even a new ad, it's a re-run from the Mondale campaign! And that's what happens when you are not inner-directed, but of a mechanism that responds to trends and pollings and tired data on what makes the people vote against ideas and not FOR them. Now, I'm not saying that threats don't exist, but I do remember when Kerry DARED say that he looked forward to a day when we weren't consumed with fear and terror anymore, and that he did think that was possible, even in a 'POST NINE-ELEVEN WORLD.' The Bush camp was all like "Oh!!! He wants to surrender to the Turrorisks!" Which could be said to be in the same genre of retorts as "Sure, I could say happyhappy and angels will sing and everything will be rosy" when someone dares look above the smoke and mire to find light in the sky.

I'm talking about an approach, a focus and of not being reduced to the basest of motivations when affecting change. Barack Obama speaks to the future, speaks to change and to our higher self. No matter how the Clinton camp reaches or how deep in the bag they grab, all they are capable of are these kinds of tired tactics. And honestly, stooping to push—once again—the Fear button, at this particular point, bothers me more than Clinton trying to scoop up FL, or waffling on licensing undocumented migrants, or using tears and complaints of nasty unfair media coverage to endear people, or planting questions in town halls, or dropping stupid lines about guacamole to Latinos. I have no urge to have someone lever terror over me anymore, and in fact, I despise it and shrink from it and under it. Let's have a President who leads by expanding our sense of possibility and self, not who benefits from reminding us of our dependency and limitations, and worse, who uses them to manipulate us into giving them more power.

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Deb King dijo:


The thought of Clinton answering the red phone is terrifying. Blackhawk Down is the most well-known example of the Clinton white house's inability to deal w/threats to our troops.