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28 de Abril, 2008

So Much for Lucidity and Political Abstinence.

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imgI SWEAR! There really was one lovely shining moment when I just didn't care anymore.

Ah well. I excuse it by remembering I never follow football or basketball or anything. Politics is boxing without the sweat and shiny shorts. And we do know how I love to watch boxing.

Anyway, it's another demanding workday (like yesterday) so I leave ya to ya biznass.

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Comentarios (3)

RC dijo:


I forgive you your trespasses, Nez. Maybe you can take a look at the Farm Bill or the irony of the upcoming PR Democratic Party primary. It should be called the Macondo Primary.
We cannot vote in the general, but we get to say something in the primary. So much of life in a colony is like that.
If you never get to either of these topics, that's OK too. I know you must be sleeping very little these days with so much production to do.
Salud to you and the family, and like I said the other day, I, too am a fan of the knock down drag out of politics, a sport similar to pugilism, but with fewer rules and no refereeing and no weight categories. A true Lucha Libre in fact.

coach diesel dijo:


You like boxing?

I'll invite you to read my private blog (which focuses heavily on boxing) if you send me an email to send your invite thingy too.

If you're interested...

nezua Author Profile Page dijo:


great, thanks for that. i both love watching fights and relate to much of the training you write of, tho my experience is with Tae Kwon Do. all that thrill and joy and challenge and sweat underneath are the same, tho it seems to me. :)