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29 de Abril, 2008

The Wright Stuff?

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img HERE'S THE FUNNY THING: since Wright went on TV...actually, since only a day ago, I've personally seen two people begin searching for a connection to, more or less, the kind of church he speaks of and represents. Anecdotal sure. But it's just one day. Give it time. It's like when someone fresh out of Catholic school realizes a joint won't, after all, send them to hell. Watch out!

Keep introducing the USA to these things consistently demonized, and people might realize that the negative hype is just that. Because...they can think for themselves. Something today's TV people and many pundits have forgotten in all their incessant dictation of their preferred realities.

It makes me laugh!

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carol dijo:


The main street media (msm) can afford to forget it because so many in a-merry-kuh are willing to fall prey to the b.s. propaganda--lest we forget PA and now NC. It seems that even Obama is falling prey, as he saw a need to denounce the right Rev. again today, rather than focus on the real issues that the voters really want to know about. Sadly, he is allowing himself to be distracted, thus falling into the game plan as ochestrated by Hillbilly and the msm.