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28 de Mayo, 2008

La Verdad Verde

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CYNTHIA MCKINNEY is solid business.

Want to see the state’s multibillion dollar budget deficit disappear? Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney says it’s a snap. If we cease spending money on the war in Iraq today, the state budget could be balanced overnight. Well, almost overnight. The controversial former congresswoman from Georgia estimates the United States spends $1 billion on the war every two days, so it would take 40 days to cancel out the state’s $20 billion deficit.

“We need to end U.S. wars abroad, extend health care to all and increase resources for students in kindergarten through colleges and universities,” she told a small but enthusiastic crowd during a campaign stop at Carol’s Books on May 12.

As the first black woman in Georgia elected to the House of Representatives, the outspoken McKinney instantly became a magnet for Republican attacks. Her views on 9/11 U.S. foreign policy and the Katrina debacle, considered heresy by mainstream media, are in fact shared by many Americans, if not the Democratic Party.

So, McKinney, who served six terms as a Democrat (1993-2003 and 2005-07), has gone Green. The daughter of a police officer who became a Georgia congressman after the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 thanked her supporters for their hospitality. “It’s almost like I’m back in the South,” she said.

Cynthia McKinney goes green - The controversial congresswoman brings her campaign for the Green Party presidential nomination to Sacramento

I remember reading about how McKinney was railroaded out of office after speaking truth to power on the Bush scene. I read about it in one of those disinfo books with all the juicy details that peel back your eyelids and give you a breath of rank air from the real political scene going on behind the curtain. The vendettas, the blacklisting, the kickbacks; the cesspit-meets-cage match that it can be, and not so much the sugardusted high-sodium carnival scene that our major news networks thrive on and which provide such great snacks for us so often. It made me pretty angry to read the story, as well as to get a good look at the gap between what the author was writing and the angle that the MSM was selling. That was old news when I read it—right around when I started this blog in mid-late 06—but that was still before I really looked twice at the election scene again. The politician scene. I've been caught up in it this year, and now it's part of my job, but that hasn't been the norm in my life, and until very recently I kept my head turned. It wasn't just being "low information" by accident or something. It was just paying attention, maybe, to "useful information" more than not. However we classify it, especially after that whole fake election double-play that kept a wholly disgusting and unsuited candidate on 1600 Pennsylvania avenue for EIGHT CHRISTING YEARS, well. I didn't really give the process much thought and felt fine about it.

Anyway. Cynthia McKinney says some great stuff. And I'm glad to see her rising, despite the forces gathered against her. I love nothing more than to see injustice kicked back to the curb, unf.

McKinney has been campaigning throughout Northern California, in the Bay Area and Humboldt and Sonoma counties, where Green Party support is strong. In Sacramento, she noted that politicians of both stripes, Republican and Democrats, are fiddling while Rome burns, expending treasure on an elective war even as health-care and social-service programs face deep spending cuts. The Democrat and GOP presidential candidates, as well as Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, are not having this discussion, but should be, she said.

The reason they are not, in her view, is that they embody the failed “two-party paradigm” that supports the corporate status quo and strengthens the political power wielded by the financier class.

Such candor has come crashing down upon McKinney in the past. In 2006, after heavily criticizing the war on terror and the illegal surveillance of American citizens, Republicans targeted her for elimination, urging the rank and file in Georgia to cross party lines during the Democratic primary and vote for McKinney’s opponent. She lost, and now the same tactic is being employed against Democrats via Rush Limbaugh’s “Operation Chaos” to disrupt this summer’s Democratic Convention.

“All political parties should be able to select their own candidates,” McKinney said, decrying her state’s open primary system. California banned cross-party voting due in part to Supreme Court decisions such as California v. Jones in 1990.

McKinney hopes to reach Americans not typically involved with the Green Party. She may find its message has become more palatable now than ever. The party’s key values, ratified eight years ago, are not out of sync with the current beliefs of many Americans: promoting peace, improving the environment and health care, reducing poverty and inequality across color and gender lines.


Cynthia McKinney now has the support of over 50% of the delegates to the Green Party national convention who have been chosen so far. Although not all state Green Parties have chosen their delegates, most of them have, so it is very likely that she will obtain the nomination. The national convention is July 10-13 in Chicago.

Cynthia McKinney Close to Clinching Green Party Nomination

So far, I'm for Obama. But it's tough. Because green is my favorite color. More than red or blue.

Oh what! I do vote according to color! I've been accused of doing as much. It's true, I admit it!

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Comentarios (6)

atlasien dijo:


Cynthia McKinney used to be my rep. I have a quibble with the statement in that news article about open primaries. There are so few Republicans in the district that it would have been almost impossible for them to swing the primary. I believe she lost simply because Hank Johnson ran a better campaign and represented more of what the voters here wanted.

nezua Author Profile Page dijo:


interesante. i appreciate your experience and thoughts, atlasien. hmm.

RC dijo:


I hope Cynthia gets the nomination and manages to get herself in a debate in the media with the major party candidates before November. Zing! Should be entertaining.

amandaw dijo:


oh God! I would so, so much love to cast a vote for this woman this fall. but this is also the ONE year there is actually a dem candidate i actually like!

jack r dijo:


begging the question, if the Greens are running a candidate with a good profile like McKinney, what the hell is Nader playing at with his mooted run?

Katie dijo:


I'd always said I'd probably end up third-party if Obama didn't enter (later, "win") and no one else I liked made it AND I found a third-party candidate I liked.

Well, I have.

So, if for some reason Obama doesn't make it, I'll be voting for McKinney. (I just hope she makes it to being the Green nominee. Has she yet?)