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8 de Mayo, 2008

Rust Takes Down the (Clinton) Machine

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A CONCISE AND UNEMOTIONAL article on why the Clinton Machine couldn't crest the hill. Some say "old guard" and this piece more or less backs that up. Their thinking is yesterday's news in various ways and that's why they never saw what hit them. Bam, bam, bam! Blogmigo Kai just told us all to stop using fighting metaphors but I'm gonna sneak food out tha kitchen in my Thank You Hand and say when the Clintons rushed forward to exploit what they thought was an unguarded ribcage, they didn't see the Spinning Hook Kick swooping around the back of they head. Until it tagged them and hard.

In Febrero (seems so very long ago!) I wrote a post on the national zeitgeist and how Obama embodies that in a post called Change and Sway. That's essentially number one on Time's list. The Clintons had no sense of the country's mood. The Time article paints a solid picture of how this political team is rooted in yesterday's politics. And after all, this might be why so many older folks hold fast to HRC's run. They don't want to move forward to anything new, untested, or unfamiliar. A human trait, sure. But the youth do. And make no mistake, these are some very committed youth (at least the ones I've interviewed. (Part 3 soon to come, we'll hear a couple speak for themselves. UPDATE: Can be found here.) Despite how so many now invalidate their voting choice and lack of experience now that it doesn't line up with others' expectations.

Even the Clintons' style of If You Don't Like Being Stuck in the Side, Get Out of the Way of the Shivving politicking is depressingly boring and predictable. How surprising and impressive that the unexpected spoiler to the "Inevitable" Clinton ascension has risen and yet not unleashed a months-long fest of Whitewater/Fellatio in the Oval Office/Clinton in Colombia type parries, eh? Even as many on the Left even worry that without this long-celebrated American "kill" instinct in politics (I think of it as "Unashamed Absence of Ethics") Obama cannot take down McCain and his Drunk On Anger martial might, others feel Obama simply brings a new fighting style to the match. Ware the presumptuousness. There is more than one way to fell an opponent, and not all effective fighters are hulking masses who advertise by traditional moves, great volume or size. Some walk not tall, but close to the earth and carry a one-inch punch.

Change can be scary. But a type of scary that is an exhilarating energy. Not a dour "who's gonna catch the boogeymen at three am" type of fear that is imposed on you by your keepers. It's wind in the face as you sprint away from your workday and dusk unfolds her lilac. It's a blazing morning where the sun hits your cheek at an unexpected angle, and suddenly you feel that anything can happen. Some feed us a vision of sour "practicality" and tell us these ideas are silly dreams. Doing so, they tell us more about where they sleep than about our own means. And they forget that sometimes the path to the new way is nothing more than a bold and ostensibly naive hope that perhaps everything can be different if we only believe, and act on that belief.

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