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23 de Mayo, 2008

The Little-Discussed Resurrection-Nomination!

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I LOVE how, well, disingenuous the arguments are getting from those trying to justify what Hillary did.

"She was referring to herself getting shot" they desperately try to argue.

HELLO, what?? Are you really about to try and say that she was arguing that she should stay in the race because she might get shot and that would...what? Open up the way for a resurrection-nomination? Do you even think these through?

Pause for gale of laughter.

It's got to be one hell of a workout twisting around so hard so fast.


For those trying to say that she was simply referring to a historical precedent of how long primaries can last, do you really want a person so godawfully ignorant of today's unique situation, how it stokes so many fears (fears she is purposely tapping into) as well as the African American community's sensitivities as this—to be handling the Presidency? And international affairs?

Nah. That's not the finger we want on the pulse of America! Whoa. That finger might pronounce you dead while your heart was beating right under its (numb) touch.

UPDATE: More on the Clinton campaign's urge to connect Obama with assassination:

On January 8, while introducing Hillary before a speech in New Hampshire, a retired teacher said this:

"If you look back, some people have been comparing one of the other candidates to JFK, and he was a wonderful leader. He gave us a lot of hope," the retired teacher said. "But he was assassinated, and Lyndon Baines Johnson actually did all of his work and got both the Republicans and Democrats to pass those measures."


For those last few hardcore Hillary supporters who say she's only making an historic reference to the Primaries going until June, keep this in mind: The 1968 New Hampshire primary was held on March 12, 1968, fully 3 months later than the 2008 primary which was held on January 8, 2008. In 1992, the New Hampshire primary was on February 18, a full month and a half later than 1968. So the June argument is a straw man. Also, in 1968, on 13 states had primaries. For Hillary to compare then to now is apples and cumquats.
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