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14 de Julio, 2008

El Grito Echoes on -or- ¡Vámanos a la Verga!

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AND SO IT IS that this version of The Unapologetic Mexican comes to an end. Pow, just like that. Not a joke! No es un juego! Here is one of your big announcements that I promised.

This page will remain online as archives, but will no longer be updated. The new UMX blog is here. Por favor, change your bookmarks and your sidebar links so I can still make millions of dollars from all the ad revenue that they bring me every day.

Those who have subscriptions to the RSS Feed need do nada. I have switched it over and you will not even feel a bump.

The move is explained here, and you just know we'll be chilling and waiting for you to pull up in that banana-yellow ranfla you cruise, eh? The one with the fuzzy dice and dash, baby. I hope you all show up and help rock the party out. We're on la calle and moving con fuego.

Please note there is (potentially but probably) a new format for the release of UMX: elmachete. Every week, a full "issue" of UMX will be released, containing seven(ish) posts. That will be explained here. It's not a sure thing yet, and I do want your input.

Gracias mil for comin' round these last two years and enriching the shag. You are one solid posse.

¡Saludos! Adios, todos!

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Comentarios (2)

RC dijo:


I remember the chapter where you were trapped in the house with the sparky skinhead in law. I'm really glad you are way past that now. Happiness to you and the family as always. I'll be right over to the new joint.

nezua Author Profile Page dijo:


me, too RC. me too, bro.

see you there!