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14 de Julio, 2008

Welcome to the UMX Archives [2006 - 2008]

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THANK YOU FOR VISITING The Unapologetic Mexican blog.

These are the still quite popular 2006-2008 UMX archives, and they remain since they are linked far and wide and because these pages chronicle the beginning of the journey so often referenced in the current and ongoing blog tale.

This page is no longer updated, though the archives will remain. Some people blogroll both the archives and the current blog, though if you only use one, please use El Machete.

The RSS Feed address is the same.

Enjoy perusing these pages. Gracias. Seeya at the new place!

2006 - 2008 umx archives

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Comentarios (2)

leesee dijo:


New site looks good. Thanks for keeping us listed on your blog. I like it.

nezua Author Profile Page dijo:


thank you leesee!