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28 de Julio, 2007

Word to the Otha

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I LIKE THIS GAME because it's a fun break and there were no list of rules aside from answering each "question" with but una palabra! And it just feels right for this beautifully sunny Sábado....

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5 de Julio, 2007

Eight Things

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AND NOW, A MEME. A Hybrid meme, if you will. I've been tagged for both "8 insignificant things about myself" as well as "8 random things about myself." This list will be an amalgam of these two memes. Of course, those things not listed Randomly may possibly be related to...

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22 de Mayo, 2007

Five Damn Good Blogs

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OKAY, STILL NO TIME to really finish any posts that require time and an editing mind. But I have a slight break between jobs (like an hour or two?) so let me answer the tag from Migra Matters about Five Damn Good Blogs or something like that. I really can't...

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11 de Mayo, 2007


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RIFFING ON A MEME brought my way by two powerful and intelligent women I answer now What is the great imperative of my life? And it is, simply, to be Free. To remember how to be free. To remember I am free. To help others be free. To re-make...

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5 de Marzo, 2007

Five Stinking Bloggers

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HERE IS A MEME you can't understand. How I could just tag a clan.

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22 de Enero, 2007

For Nanette

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THE BOOK MEME. Page 123. Sentences 5, 6, 7. Book within reach of right hand, next to an empty Glenlivet bottle and container of raisins. As for the good carrier, whose lusts kept him awake, he had heard his wench from the moment she came in, and had been listening...

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17 de Diciembre, 2006

Moem Peme

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A meme from Lorna Dee. The first poem I remember reading was... Hmm. I'm sure it was Dr. Suess, if that counts. But the first POEM I remember reading (and this sure doesn't mean it was the first) was Annabel Lee by Edgar Allen Poe. It struck me as terribly...

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23 de Octubre, 2006

8 things beautiful

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THIS POST MAY SHOCK ANY READERS who have followed yours truly from blog to blog, since I began this online form of expression/exhibition/notation/socialization in May of 2001. If there's anything I've kept constant it is my aversion to memes, viral simon sezzes, or other forms of online social funfests...

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