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26 de Febrero, 2008

Don't Trust the Pusherman

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NOT TO HOP UP AND DOWN on the couch of anyone else's personal medicinal decisions, but I was never one to subscribe to the idea of Prozac myself. I remember the stellar rise of the drug, which caught on as if it were Pharma-Fashion more alluring than big hair...

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15 de Febrero, 2008

Cholo Cola

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HERE'S A SHOT from the celebratory party hosted by MTV after the 51 of us Street Team 08 reps finished our three day training mini film school journalism school legal course boot camp extraordinaire. I don't remember the place where we chilled, but you know. It's pretty much the look...

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5 de Enero, 2008

The Executioner's Dilemma

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SO...is torture okay under certain conditions? Or is torture, by nature, wrong? Because if torture is wrong, then why do we kill death row inmates with drugs that clearly provide torturous endings? And if we don't think torture is right, why is one of the drugs we inject them with...

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28 de Octubre, 2007

Ex-Concert Pianist Murdered by Federal Kindness

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THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. It's not just a bar in Liberty, NY. It's supposedly what you and I are entitled to by the government. Isn't that sweet? Isn't it so understanding of the human condition? Robin Prosser, a Missoula woman who struggled for a quarter century to live with...

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16 de Junio, 2007

Selling Satan Souls for Sweet Sensimilia

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A proposed pro-marijuana conference to be held in the US-administered Northern Mariana Islands has led to a bizarre row among local legislators. [...] "We welcome anybody who wants to hold a conference here, whether it be to discuss marijuana or not," government spokesman Charles Reyes said Thursday. "We want to...

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25 de Abril, 2007

Toking About Truth

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POPPING IN briefly to ask you please to read this story, and digg it. It would be great (and important, I think) if everyone also took the action JC suggests in the post. But you read it and do what you are moved to. Gracias....

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4 de Abril, 2007

War on Drugs Boosts Production of Kind Bud

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I BET YOU DIDN'T REALIZE that the War on Drugs is turning some people into total stoners. But these matters are complex, ése! You close one door and another opens. Sometimes you close one door and a little hatch in the ceiling opens and a ladder pops out and...

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24 de Febrero, 2007

Smile and Say CHEEZE

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FIFTEEN YEAR-OLD OSCAR GUTIERREZ is not smiling anymore. He died last weekend, addicted to a new, cheap drug called "Cheese," or "Cheeze," which is made of heroin and Tylenol PM. The drug, which sells at a very affordable $2 per hit, is sweeping through middle-schools and high schools in...

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