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12 de Abril, 2008

Neil Boortz Makes A Lousy Human

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Via our friends at Media Matters, here is the latest example of U.S.-born American™ Exceptionalism and Bigotry that usually goes unchecked. On the April 10 edition of his nationally syndicated radio show, Neal Boortz asserted, "I would make a lousy Mexican." Engineer and "sidekick" Royal Marshall asked Boortz: "Why is...

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16 de Marzo, 2008

The Perks of Being in D.C.

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Met with some congressional staffers Friday and took the opportunity to ask about the SAVE Act, which the GOP is itching to get pushed through the House for a vote to create a wedge issue for the election campaign. Pro-migrant bloggers have been concerned that the enforcement-only campaign would be...

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15 de Marzo, 2008

Saludos desde Tucson*

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Baja Arizona is in the house! Where Gadsden is more than an obscure footnote and the air wafts with the scent of steaming hot tortillas on the placa. Unfortunately, Nezua has horded all the rain up in the top-left corner of this chunk of tierra so the creosote forests haven't...

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