i want you to understand where I'm coming from. You may get it all on your own, contextually. But in case you want a quick reference to ideas and phrases I use, enjoy the list below. It will grow as I see a need.



@: You will see many words in the blog that are ended with an "@" symbol. Example: Chican@, vat@, Chicanism@. In Spanish, words have a gender. Not only that, but words will reflect the sex of the subject of a sentence, and this is apart from the word's gender. This is signified by "a" or "o" in a word, such as "la gata," or "el gato," which mean (respectively) "The female cat," and "the male cat."

Because Chicanism@ involves the raising of consciousness, respect for oneself and for others (even females!) we make an effort not to sweep women under a male pronoun, as they have to live with normally, but to recognize them as equal players in this world, as they certainly are. To do this, we are lucky enough to already have a symbol on the keyboard that joins both the "a" and the "o" and makes sex-neutral/sex-inclusive words like "amig@," to include both types of friends at once.

the appeal to melanin - A Wite-Magik Attak that tweaks the Appeal to Authority until it glows bronze. This is an attack wherein a non-brown person attempts to negate the argument/complaint/insight of a brown person by claiming the non-brown opinion is

a) Backed up by a black or brown or chinese or filipino or puerto rican etc friend who feels the same way, or that

b) Their word is free of any racist taint simply because they have, for example, paid for the lunch of a mexican ten times, or maybe put a black person through school, or are even sleeping with or married to a brown person. But as any person familiar with these dynamics knows, a White Supremacist viewpoint can exist in any of us. Even those of us with friends as dark as night. Melanin may make skin prettier and stronger, but it is not a guard against the programming that American culture carries.


¡basta ya! - Spanish for "Enough, already!"

brown - This refers, of course, to the skin tone of many Mexicans, Blacks, India citizens, Puerto Ricans, Chinese, Koreans, Guatemalans, Chileans, Venezuelans, etc. But the main use of this word in my blog (and many others) can not stop there. Because many of us have differing levels of Melanin in the skin. POC range in color—some olive, some yellowy, some dark brown, some light brown, some fair. And as we see from Gonzalez and Condi, a markedly "brown" person can be bone-white in the thinking and the heart.

Very often, "Brown" is used here metaphorically, to imply the thinking or agenda that prioritizes the POC's view and needs in America, and sometimes overlapping into a view that attempts to understand the needs of the indigenous vs. siding with the colonizers agenda. Brown can be in the heart, in the thinking, in the alliance. Just as "White" can rest in the same places, and have nothing to do with skin tone.

The brown™ - I use this phrase to refer to all non-Whites. Mexicans, Chinese, Blacks, Puerto Ricans, etc. It referes to non-Whites in the context of America and all her racist underpinnings and history, of course.


My Carlos Mencia disclaimer - I find that on the whole, Carlos Mencia is sort of not so funny. He's actually pretty twerpy. He's just not very original and a lot of his junk just seems to further stereotypes, rather than use them to challenge their ubiquity. Maybe it's just that much of his humor just does not make me laugh, and some I find offensive but not in a "cutting edge" way. In a way where he is resorting to tired and lazy humor——as if he actually embodies a bad joke about a Mexican comic. Yet, he is the only one giving me jokes about Mexicans! And sometimes he gets it right. (Though he is not, himself, Mexican!)

To avoid writing this entire paragraph each time YouTube offers a gem, I now give you this Official Carlos Mencia Disclaimer (not an apology).

The Carom Shot- This is a passive/aggressive tool wherein a person wants to tell another person something, but lacks the courage to tell them directly. This is why it is a Passive/Aggresive tool. The person who wields this tool prefers to get their information/intent across in a "bank shot" (or "carom shot") fashion. For example, say Person X wants to threaten Person A, but want to come off clean ("plausible deniability," I do think they call this).

Rather than saying "how about we step outside and scrap," directly to Person A, Person X says to Person Y, while Person A is in listening range, "Wow, my hands sure feel itchy. If only I had a neck to grab or someone to beat up."

This is, of course, a ridiculously obvious example. The Carom Shot can be as subtle as someone telling your friend (again, you are in listening range) "Some people just have no class," and they could be, on the surface, talking about a celebrity, for example. But involved in the Carom Shot is the fact that the speaker knows to whom the message is really intended, probably wouldn't speak the "surface" line were it not to zing that message over, and the receiver knows it, too. Perhaps in the above instance, the speaker had a conversation tying you and "class" together a long time ago. Or perhaps everyone in the room knows their feelings about you already. The Carom Shot is an underhanded way, in this instance, to dig in once more, without being held accountable. Because typical to the Carom Shot, there will be no hard "evidence" as to what this bank shot/carom shot is really about.

Common sense will point to intentions, though, and those less inclined to play along with the subterfuge may just call the wielder on it, though, so this method is not always safe to use against those who prefer to confront such tactics, or shoot the ball in directly.

chicano, chicana, chican@- The term originally was an insult given to Mexican migrants in America—shunned by Mexicans and Americans both. But just as the African-American community reappropriated the "N-word," Mexican Americans proudly got behind the term Chicano and now it generally means "Politically active and aware and empowered Mexican American." You can get a contextual feel for this in the quote by Francis X. Alarcón: Every Mexicano is a potential Chicano.

chicanismo, chicanisma, chicanism@- A movement that began in the 1930s or so, of Mexican Americans interested in discovering, celebrating, embodying and standing up for their heritage and traditions and political power in America. In 1967, the poem Yo Soy Joaquín was written by Rudolfo "Corky" Gonzales, and the movement had a focal point.

Wikipedia offers this succinct definition of the elements that makeup this self-identification and movement:

"(1) the power of the creative earth and labor upon it; (2) political transformation through collective efforts; (3) strong familial ties extending back into Mesoamerican pre-history; and (4) spiritually-influenced creative artistic imagination as reflected in the visual arts."

the combine - I often use "The Combine" as a means of talking about the machine of society. I think I first heard this in the book One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Sometimes I zero in on that sense of "groupthink" that is implied and use the phrase "my time in the combine." What I mean by this is the amount of time I spent unaware of the process of internal colonization, how it was working on me, or "brainwashed." I grew up doing some self-denial. I was legally adopted under an Irish last name, and I changed my own first name (Spanish) to "Jack" when I was eight. So I think of the time from when I was about 8 to ...(it's hard to put an "end" date, as I am always getting less ignorant, I hope, but let's say I began escaping at) 19 as "my time in the combine." I look atthings much more clearly, and never again will I be as ignorant as the days when I was "knee-jerking" my way around.


The Dark Goldstein - José Padilla. See 1984. Think "Minute of Hate." Padilla is used as a way to rile us, to keep us scared, to plant the Hispanic name into the dark parts of the human brain. He is a symbol that the government is using to cow us and enlist us in their murderous campaigns. (At the time of this update—November 2007—I'd say its safe to say that Padilla has been effectively disappeared from our cultural awareness, and thus no longer serves this purpose. But there will be another.)

The Drowning maestro- A Wite-Magik Attak that pretends to be utterly concerned with the brown person's tone. It matters not that the brown person might be speaking passionately of hurts they have suffered their entire life, hurts they suffer as they speak, starving children, raped women or murdered millions. The person hurling the Wite-Magik Attak fixates upon the TONE of the complaint or insight. Because what really bothers them is that a brown person has the nerve to speak with such self-confidence and passion. This, in fact, scares them. If it weren't such a demeaning move when you have something you feel is important to say, this Attak would be downright comical. Just picture a conductor waving his wand as he plummets to the bottom of a darkening sea.

• ARROGANT mexican
• SHRILL woman
• UPPITY negro

NOTE: This Attak often comes with a carrot. In other words, what is really desired is for the brown person to admit the desired hierarchy, to get "back in place." To achieve this, the power-holding person will often criticize the tone of the desired subjugate while making it clear that a withheld reward might come their way if they submit to the invisible pecking order being violated.

• "We'd admit about your point if you presented it nicer."
• "I have this work I was going to throw your way, is there a problem?"
• "People would listen to your complaint if you weren't so loud."
• "If you want people to care about this, you should learn to be smoother."

THE DRUNKEN DEALER: This is a Wite-Magik Attak of a rather weak and petty variety, appearing as a knee-jerk response to someone else (generally of The Brown™) who has introduced the idea of race dynamics into a conversation. The Drunken Dealer in this context has nothing to say, nothing to contribute, nothing to negotiate, and no understanding of the layout around them. This can be encapsulated by their blubbering response of "RACECARD!!!" in a context which makes such a sound inappropriate and incoherent.

You see, The Drunken Dealer is afraid of talking about Race. This fear, sadly, intoxicates their reasoning process. And as this person generally doesn't have to think much about race (you can bet your pink slip the Drunken Dealer will almost always be white), they consider the discussion nothing more than a game. And an unworthy one. Especially unworthy since with their sluggish tongue and addled thought process they see images and edges overlapping and can't even feel the felt under their hands. The Drunken Dealer obsesses over their inability to counter this bogey-move and the imagined power of the Race Card, and in their inebriated state, mistake discussion and emotion that they cannot immediately access for a power play that they cannot parry.

In this misguided and fearful view, The Drunken Dealer attempts to bat away what might be fruitful discussion with their fellow human by uttering nothing more than the strangled caw of "RACECARD! RACECARD! RACECARD!"



†el malestar pÁlido- See El Malestar Pálido under M.

THE EXISTENTIAL BLACKMAIL - A medium-level Wite-Magik Attak. One that attempts to mimic logic to silence the experience of the Brown™.

We know, from our time perusing the 2007 Blogger Stylebook (Chapter 1, Definition of Terms), that it is the White person who is the accepted creator of frames validated (surprise!) by the dominant culture, whereas, when those unmentionable brownfolk® presume to speak of "reality," even their own, it is not worthy of consideration. Because due to the very definition of Whiteness, "If you ain't White, then you just ain't right."

Once we understand that this is the unspoken value nested in those who are in their WiteMind, it comes as no surpise to meet the utter frustration of the White Person when they are told there is an area of life they cannot hope to know and speak for—the experiences of a non-white living in this culture. Such a vile idea violates the dearest and most crucial underpinnings of Whiteness, and they will recoil instinctively, perhaps without even understanding why. But after all, if non-whites were allowed to speak a reality that could compete with whites, they might eventually dare to speak this reality on the airwaves, and in the history books, and in the public square, and they might even teach their children and yours, this reality. And that might mean reexamining everything, even the bedrock ground underneath our very feet.

Thus, when the Existential Blackmailer spits out in his attempt to grapple with this challenge, "If I can't speak for your experience, then who can really know anything at all, and what is the point of talking?" It is really a cry of fear, the forlorn mewl of a wasted and lonely vestige of the conquerors of old, now surrounded at the shores of the Not-So-New Land by a reality as old as the soil itself.


the fallacious flip- The reflex some people have to invert an example regarding racial issues to show how it is unfair that POC are claiming things (rights) or saying things (self empowerment in the face of oppressive and derisive societal memes) or afraid of things (contact with police, store security guards, speaking boldly in defense of their People) or "assuming" things (like when you walk past cars and hear doors locking, or are in a conversation suddenly rife with the same old racist arguments always leveled at you). It is a wholly invalid framing, because it assumes that all ethnicities have the same history in this land, the same power, the same struggle to claim personhood, the same assumptions leveled on them. In this light, The Fallacious Flip is nothing but more oppression and privileged (un)thinking; an attempt to shut down the POC from gaining equality.

THE FEINT DISCLAIMER:This Wite-Magik Attak pretends the appearance of awareness, while lunging in low with a stab of ignorance. The Feint Disclaimer begins with "Now, I'm not racist, but—" and we know what very well will follow. BOOM! You were looking down when you should have kept your eyes up. The Feint Disclaimer can also appear in more "benevolent" forms such as "Now, I'm aware of my privilege as a White Person, so—" before boldly wielding one of various Wite-Magik Attax. Teach your mind to recognize the Feint Disclaimer as a warning before a blow and you'll be safer more often than not.

the finery of the framevaders- If you've read of the Wite Magik-Attax then you know of The Queen's Cacaphony. Well, if the Queen's Cacaphony is the tactic, then the Finery of the Framevaders references the weapon. It is the poofy, puffy, priggish and utterly-proper use of English in such a way that it cannot entertain colloquialisms or relax even one single prepositional phrase.

framevaders- Coinage of the words "Framers" and "Invaders." There is this tendency in much writing I read to turn, specifically, the framers of the US Constitution and in general, pioneers of that era into gods. And this word is used ocassionally to remind that they were smart and ambitious men, no doubt—but they were also virulently anti-Indian and gained power in terrible ways. Which is, of course, a way of keeping the history and truth alive about the nature of Power, and where we are now as a nation.

My first Book - A book I wrote and illustrated that for the sake of anonymity, will not be named here.

My father - My [biological] father is an author, poet, and teacher in the Chicano world o'litratura, and he has been pouring his heart and talent into the field for years, and since the days of El Movimiento Chicano. It is not so unusual for me to hear of people who have heard him read, or heard him speak, or read from his work in college, or who have his books. Because of this, I am always trying to be careful not to speak for him, or appear to speak for him, or to make it clear that I do not speak for him. It is not that we often disagree or anything. It is only that you cannot assume we share the same thoughts and feelings on anything I write here. Let him keep his reputation. And let me keep my freedom to speak my heart.


GEARHEART-An Irish-Catholic white man who lost his father at 11, and grew up under the tutelage of the streets of the Bronx, living in the projects and alongside many of the ethnicities he would slur over the years. He was an artist and a thoughtful man though plagued by insecurity and inferiority complexes about his curtailed education, and perhaps full of more rage than I've ever seen a person since. He was my legal father for almost a decade. I do not remember him entirely kindly, though I make it my business to forgive him, or try to, as years pass.

genrelize-To assign something to a genre.


the haunted land- The U.S.A. is a country that was established by people who exploited, lied to, stole from, enslaved, and murdered many other peoples—and justified solely by the invaders' feelings of superiority dependent upon a social construct known as "race." This invented construct remained the justification for murder and theft and deceptions and exclusions galore for many years, and still does in many instances. This differentiation began here as a standard of "Whiteness vs. Other, Civilized vs. Savage" and was given teeth by the ideology of Religion.

And so those who came to the continent and perpetrated these crimes on the indigenous of the land, soon fueled by labor from other lands, used much flowery speech and pen flourishes scrawling out grand idealistic concept. In this way, they justified terrible and inhumane deeds.

America has never truly reckoned with this conflict, and so it continues today. The very same behavior of superiority complexes and greed disguised as glory and actualized through bloodshed continues. The U.S.A. now exports, and still allows, in more sophisticated means, this perversion of humanity to exist within her own boundaries.

Of course, there is a shame and a guilt that must occur, on some level, in sentient, emotional creatures descended and suffering and benefitting from this history and genesis of our current order. And there is surely an anger in many, as well. As we will not turn and look the monstrosity of this in the face (altering laws, making reparations to communities, changing literature and rethinking international policy in a drastic way), like a great collective unresolved trauma, it leaps out in strange places and unexpected and disproportionate violence or emotional engagements arise in our social dialogue and interaction over issues of race.

I call this dynamic "the haunted land," for this is a place where ghosts do not rest. And they surprise those who pretend to believe the U.S. contradiction and hypocrisy as presented on TV and in many schoolrooms. Or that MLK jr's dream has been realized. Or that "racism is dead."

hispanic- A word invented by Richard Nixon. It attempts to convince those who use and hear it that all Latin@s are necessarily related to Spain, as the word references the country of Spain. I do not use this word. This word exists to eradicate the reality that Mexicans are Indians. "Hispanic" refutes Brownness. "Hispanic" references the fair, White Spanish conquerers. While it is true that Mexicans can have both the blood of the conqueror (Spanish) as well as the conquered (Indian), there is no reason to focus on the conqueror, and exclude the original inhabitants of Mexico...unless it is to continue the conquest linguistically.

I am not "Hispanic." I am a Mexican American.


indigenous- This word refers to people who live where their people began. Mexicans are indigenous to the American continent, for example. Iraqis are indigenous to Iraq. Irish people would be indigenous were they standing in Ireland. And so on. You will see the word a lot on blogs like this, ones that discuss the colonization and conquering of peoples in their own land for the purposes of exploiting or stealing their resources.

A tactic lately used by those opposed to intelligent talk on immigration issues is to claim that Americans are "indigenous" to America. No. This attempts to redefine the word, to muddy the waters of discourse, and weaken the claims of rights made by the indigenous and their descendants. And it is a lie. The word "indigenous" does not refer to political entities, which "America," as it is meant in the aforementioned argument, certainly is.

the insatiable martyr: This is a Wite-Magik attack that attempts to convince the brown person that s/he is feeling hurt or denigrated or insulted or dehumanized only because s/he was waiting around, and hoping for an opportunity to be insulted, humiliated, scared, or hurt.

Internal Colonization: This is not my word, or concept of course. It is used very often in the discussion of identity politics.

Internal Colonization, firstly, refers to a society that conquers or subjugates a type of people, but that never separates the (subjugated) colonies from the urban areas of the conquerors. An internal colonization, therefor, must take place. This is when a heirarchy is observed, but it is subtle.

The latter use of "Internal" is inside the self, the mind. I suppose then it would be "Internalized Colonization" but in the book I read that first introduced me to the topic, it was never called that. This has to do with a natural reflex, to be "like" the dominant culture so that you can succeed or be accepted within it. This leads to shunning brownness, or anything that does not fit in to being "like" the dominant culture.

THE INVENTOR OF REMERICA: A Wite-Magik Attak designed to erase and replace, The Inventor of Remerica is a specific subdivision of The Scenery Stealer. The Inventor of Remerica is that specific component/form of Scenery Stealing where an idea, a plotline, a behavior, or a style is "remade" as "new," essentially stealing the material and then erasing the actual source out of the picture. (We know what happened/is happening to Indians in the Americas once the New World was "Discovered.")


je-je, ja-ja, ji-ji: In Spanish, the "J" is called a "jota," and it sounds something like the Hebrew "ch," coming from the top of the throat. However, for Americans who are averse to using sounds not in the English vernacular, it becomes a straightup "H" sound, as in "Jose." So a "jeje" or "jaja" or "jiji" actually is an online "laugh," approximating "haha," but notably coming from a Spanish speaker/writer.

journey: When I write "on this journey" I usually refer to what spawned this blog: my self education on my heritage, customs, the history of the USA (a real history), the history of Mexico, the history of my family. The whole package. Dropping the mask (it takes all hands). My road to the Fifth Sun. Chicanismo.

Jumping the white bronco : The sign of a white person losing an argument on race is their resorting to what racialicious.com has dubbed the "ultimate white trump card."

It feels like every conversation about race in this country is six degrees away from devolving into a conversation about OJ Simpson. And more importantly, the OJ trial seems to function as a litmus test to determine what kind of a black person you are dealing with.

A favorite move of nonthinkers like Sean Hannity, Jumping the White Bronco occurs when a white person seeks to waylay a conversation they feel escapes their understanding of race (one that specifically deals with african americans) and hopes to discredit the black person they are talking with by forcing them to stake out a position on a murder case that took place over a decade ago and which has no bearing on anything today except that the outcome pissed off many whites who don't care for the justice system's valves letting or keeping a black person OUT of prison.



my legalwhitefather: The man who adopted me at eight, and whose name I carried until 2004.I also call him Gearheart. He was my father legally and they changed all my documents to reflect it. But I never felt he was my father, not even for an hour out of one day of my life.

THE LOVESTRUCK LOCUST: When a culture, a nation, or the peoples of that nation benefit from another People or culture, or integrate the choicest superficial trappings of that culture at the same time it demonizes or exploits or visits violence upon that same culture, I call the dynamic The Lovestruck Locust.


el malestar pálido: "The Pale Malaise." I use this to describe the effects of The White Lens upon physical objects (like the world, or other people). If The White Lens is the privileged and White Supremacist thinking that predominates in American culture/media/military actions/laws; then El Malestar Pálido is the effects of acting on that thinking.


nativist: A different word for "Racist." Specifically, those White Americans who forget how the first Europeans "made" this "country," and now that they have had every sort of non-White People help build the physical and economic giant they call "America," want to kick them (us) all out. A despicable sort with no memory and only fear at the root of their agenda. Pat Buchanan is a prime example.

neoliberal: This is not an antonym (opposite) of "Neocon." Neocons are also believers in Neoliberalism. A reader (thanks, Ben) wrote in to provide the definition that Neoliberalism is the "new" paradigm of an extreme "Liberal" approach, one that feels we can export or "internationalize" our brand of Liberalism. NAFTA was an example provided.

Wikipedia offers this definition, (among others) for Neoliberalism:

[T]he implementation of global capitalism through government/military interventionism to protect the interests of multinational corporations, as well as the effects of free trade on wages and social structures.

"The novel": This is a novel I have finished and am now editing. It is my first full length novel. I have written thousands of pages in my life. Screenplays, novellas, poems, songs, prose. What sets this one apart is that a Big Agent is waiting to read it over. The drama of this item? I keep getting sidetracked by other necessary projects. And this is something I just want to Get Done so I can hear back from the Agent. I left my last publisher, they are just plain broke, and I need to move on to good representation. This could be it. Maybe not, but I won't know until I finish this last edit and send in the book.

nezua limón xolagrafik-jonez: Here, and in other places, I write as Nezua Limón Xolagrafik-Jonez. This is not a completely arbritrary choice. I grew up with a real connection to duality, which manifested in a few ways. One was my wearing one clear contact lens (which showed brown, my natural eye color) and one green, as well as my name which was 2/3 spanish and 1/3 (adopted) Irish (surname). (I did take my real name back when I turned 18.) And I tried to honor that sense in myself in many ways. It felt true.

Thus the "Nezua" which references the great Nezahualcóyotl (say "¡Nay-tza-wa-CO-jot-l!", a poet warrior philosopher king who ruled over pre-colombian Mexico's Texcoco (a symbol of the higher, if less-frequently-accessed aspects of my self)——juxtaposed with the "Jonez," which represents America's most common and mundane surname (my days of assimilation and of course, the more common aspects of my self).

Limón mirrors my actual middle name (and I laugh at the tang), and the "Xolagrafik" references both certain indian words that use the letter X, as well as what I think of as my affliction of immaterial priority, that wonderful flaw they call being an "artist" (or "madman").

not all of you®: Just as so many men automatically, when hearing women tell of their treatment at the hands of cruel or stupid men, take it personally—so do many whites when hearing the Brown™ discuss white/non-white dynamics. We need to be able to talk about our experiences, and we won't be shut up, yet we don't want our good friends who happen to be white thinking that they are forever and instantly degraded in our eyes, or automatically lumped in with the worst of their fellow whiteys.

The purpose of linking to this disclaimer is simply to remind you that we have steadfast and mad-cool allies. That generally, the Brown™ do not "hate all white people," nor do we curse you to the ends of hell just for being Caucasian, nor do we overlook those good hearts and helpful hands in our lives. You are one of "the good ones."


obligatory saddam disclaimer: Saddam Hussein was a tyrant, a murderer, and a greedy, uncaring and ruthless dictator. He deserves the harshest moral condemnation, etc.

the one drop rulE: Originally , I have been told, this was applied to Blacks in America. If you had "one drop" of "black" blood in you, you were not "White." Intended so that the White fathers of pregnant slaves would not have to take care of their young or include them.

I apply it differently in my writing. Perhaps I should think of a new name, maybe I will. But I feel this is also how America has taught the People of Color within her borders to think of race. As in, "if you have even one drop of Black or Latin American blood/ancestry, (or I suppose any other kind of pigmented genes)—you are NOT White." Maybe I heard "if you are at least ten percent" or something, actually. But the idea behind such random numbers is the same. Blend with the darkies and lose your status. Your "White" status.

As these things (because they are but names based on power-agenda ideas) are always changing, they are illusions. What is "White"? What is "Not-White"? These arguments are about a culture war. The demographics of the USA are changing. Some still fear this, like the ones who chopped down the indigenous when they "settled America," like the ones who forbade marraige between "races" until not long ago.

THE oversensitive: A low level Wite-Magik Attak. This is the "Oversensitive" attack, wherein the brown person's logic, no matter how sound, will be sidestepped; their point, no matter how relevant, will be overlooked; their feelings, no matter how understandable, will be misinterpreted as nothing more than a burp in the mental functionality of an "oversensitive" person. As you've guessed, this is a spin off of, and further fueled by, the widely-held unspoken and racist assumption that those with darker skin tone comes unstable emotional functionality.

People of color endure a barrage of insult and dehumanization as how they are depicted in everyday media and literature. They are shown or envisioned, most of the time in stereotyped presentations that serve to perpetuate a social heirarchy also reflected in the statistics of what types of people are arrested most often, searched most often, suspected of more crime, given promotions, given preferential treatment, thought of as more able and worthy, thought of as smelly or diseased or dirty more often, thought of as heroes more often, thought of as incompetent most often.

American society/literature/advertising/media is primarily centered on the White (Heterosexual) Male viewpoint and in sustaining this preference. Thus, whites—and especially white males—will often not feel the sting in absorbing these countless waves of degrading and racist thought patterns, speech patterns, and imaging. There would be no "sting" to even feel, for them. Even in their own speech, they do not always know when they are propagating these frameworks. But of course, those of the Brown™ do feel these stings.

Of course, it is often in brown person's best interest to not make a big deal of it. Brown people are not encouraged to be loud and persistent about wrongs they feel "White Society" levels on them. They have been known to be killed for doing as much. And even when composed of kind and sane people, it must be remembered that Mainstream society in America is White. At least the "mainstream" as it is maintained by control of media, literature, and historical records, not necessarily represented by reality, demographic, or population, of course. Mainstream society does not always want to hear about these issues because Mainstream Society wants to believe it is THE society. And one often has to speak quietly in a Haunted Land, after all.

And so anything that does not affect White (Het) Males is ripe for assignment to the "PET ISSUE" bin. While in "modern day" and "enlightened society," a brown person is technically allowed to bring these issues to the fore, the slightest whiff of self-confidence, or a dissatisfaction that borders on intense feeling, or annoyance (and "anger" is not even an option) will ensure that an escalating and disproportionate opposite negative reaction will follow, beginning with the sentiment that the brown person is seeing things that do not exist in reality (white reality), and is simply being "oversensitive."

So, in short (and in an ironic twist), an "OVERSENSITIVE" is a brown person with a point that makes white people feel unpleasant sensations.

obligatory obama disclaimer: Obama does not embody all the beliefs I do. He does not espouse nor promise a platform that entirely pleases me. Further, Obama is not God. He is not Superman. He is not Jesus.


poc: "People of Color." This can mean Latin Americans, Blacks, Asians, Indians, Middle Easterners, etc. It means "not White European."

pocHO: Literally, this means "overripe." Some reference the phrase "una fruta pocha" which means "rotten fruit." Colloquially, "Pocho" refers to the Mexican or Mexican American who becomes "spoiled" or "ruined" by American culture; who becomes "whitewashed" out of her/his own culture, affiliations, history, and identity based on Mexican culture and traditions.

The Post-Racial: A folksy spell, almost always invoked with good cheer. But don't be fooled! While The Post Racial is one of the softest of the Wite-Magik Attax, this assault is no less corrosive and detrimental to the cause and practice of honest dialogue—and thus eventual justice for all peoples—than more angsty and direct attax like The Oversensitive.

While the Scarem-Carom is bounced outward with an ominous tone, the Seeing Eye Frog with a bloated self-assuredness and the Existential Blackmail as a whine on the lips of a pup, The Post Racial is pronounced with a smile and the euphoric assertion that the speaker exists in a place where they are enlightened and thus admit existing social/racial iniquities (such as what % of CEOs are black, or how many people of color are in prison or arrested regularly, how many cops who fire their guns are white, vs what is the overwhelming percentage of the ethnicities of the people shot by those cops and so on ad infinitum) but that these realities no longer require action (and especially not more than a whiff of conversation) because, of course, Barack Obama!

pullin' a kai: This means to post a series of images or spare passages that are so fuckin' serene or beautiful the reader is left with almost nothing to do except utter sounds reminiscent of a toddler. Why a "Kai?" I'm not tellin'!


The Queen's Caca-Phony: The Wite-Magik Attack that attempts to obfuscate by means of employing linguistic gymnastics and dominate by using the Queen's bestest English. A relation to "psychobabble," of course, but as here, the user attempts to dominate by means of the English language specifically, and over a brown person (in thier lizard brain we are "primitive" "non-intellectual" and "emotional" or "passionate" in a way that takes away from intellectual capacity), they invariably fall prey to using many quaint and nearly archaic phrasings, as somewhere in their minds they (I guess) imagine such ornate trappings as the sign of a civilized and proper—and thus superior—mindset.


THE SANITIZED SMILE:Remember, Whiteness values appearance over substance. Again, this is because Wite Psychosis demands the detachment of Essence from Symbol so all the imbalances and exploitations that have historically and that systematically benefit The White can continue, seemingly "justified." The Sanitized Smile is the utterly and maniacally-civilized method of ignoring matters of real substance in order to continue an unruffled or bright appearance. Manners over Sincerity. Form over Function. What People Think over What's Really Goin' On.

The scarem-carom: An elevated level Wite-Magik Attak that begins to unpeel the box and show you the parts. Like the Carom Shot, this is a bank shot, and a Passive/Aggresive tool. The Scarem-Carom is used once a person's lower-level attaks have not worked, such as The Oversensitive, or the Insatiable Martyr attax. As Derrick Jensen tells us about structures of power and privilege as related to violence and violent rhetoric:

From the perspective of those who are entitled, the problems begin when those they despise do not go along with—and have the power and wherewithal to not go along with—the perceived entitlement. ...

[i]f the rhetoric of superiority works to maintain the entitlement, hatred and direct physical force remains underground. But when that rhetoric begins to fail, force and hatred waits in the wings, ready to explode.

—The Culture of Make Believe, Derrick Jensen

The Scarem-Carom is used when the person wielding the Wite-Magik Attax longs to unleash this force. This is when they find a "reason" suddenly, to use violent imagery or words associated with hate in their heated talk with a brown person, perhaps referencing hangings, dead people-who-look-like-you, using long understood hate terms such as N****** and Spic and other such symbols of their true feelings. The references will still be made with plausibility of denial—"I wasn't saying YOU were a spic who would die, I was just talking about a historical government program!"—as this is the tool of a coward. But once you reach this point, it's good to check the exits or try to get away from the "conversation," as this is a volatile point.

SCENERY STEALING: The Scenery Stealer kicks back and checks you out. The Culture Vulture is only one type of Scenery Stealer. A Scenery Stealer (por ejemplo) watches you stand up for a friend and decides that this 1) Makes you look admirable on this stage of life (because what is being expressed is not real, but all about appearance and image in the mind of Whiteness), and 2) That it is not right that you suddenly look more admirable than he—the center, the normal, the highest value, the norm, the dominant.

You have upset The Order, and taken the frame.

This will result in 3) the Scenery Stealer using the observed and nifty new behavior of (in this example) loyalty or solidarity or bravery, and most likely to gain a one-up on you. Perhaps in the next moment they will "stand up" for a third friend but (and here's the insidious twist) do so against you. In but one moment they have negated your demonstrable goodness (your essence/actions' meaning), by mimicking the action (stealing the appearance) replaced you in the spotlight, and returned the order back to it's "rightful" heirarchical default.

Watch their hands when they get near the ropes. The Scenery Stealer has a neverending hunger for more facetime and better lighting in the frame, and they will populate their stage with all the trappings they find on their way and elbow you into a supporting role at every turn.

the seeing-eye frog: A Wite-Magik Attack in the "Oversensitive" family best explained by this childhood rhyme:
The Seeing-Eye Frog will try to help you cross the street even though he's too small to watch for cars.

The Seeing-Eye Frog claims there's no celestial glow because he goes to bed before the rise of the stars.

The Seeing-Eye Frog will tell you to walk on swamp-muck because it bears up his weight.

You will learn in time that this frog is no guide, just don't let it be too late.

The Seeing-Eye Frog is a Wite-Magik Attak in which a person who has no experience, education, nor ability to discern certain facts asserts that the facts do not exist simply because s/he is not equipped to see them—despite any overwhelming evidence or testimony to the contrary.

Ex: You are reading too much into the advertisement with four black kneeling men and a white man standing tall! That's not racism! It just echoes a referee with a starting gun and four black athletes ready to run at his command! I don't care what you have lived, or even if you studied media messaging for years! I just do not see it.

Anytime you hear the phrase "You are reading too much into it" or "You are seeing things that are not there" look around you in the direction of the croaking assertion. Make sure you don't step on the poor lil hopper. Chances are you are in the proximity of a Seeing-Eye Frog who means well but lacks some vision.

THE SOLAR SYSTEMATIZER: The Solar Systematizer arranges the universe in their mind and words to always center around themselves. Regardless of the situation, their absolute focus will come back to themselves. In a world of constantly shifting planes and orbiting dust, they remain the sun. In their minds, anything is possible—except their not being central to the layout of just about everything. Decenter them and wait for the big bang.

the state: The mechanism we agree should have the power to take our taxes for what it likes (profiting many a liaison), decide our morality, jail us, shoot us, start wars in our name, and send us to die. An entity we ignorantly and fearfully come together to construct with all the best of intentions, perhaps. A sign that we have forgotten that power is never taken, but given. The Government, the nation-state, the notion of Authority that we have transfered from our families of origin to a faceless, heartless, hypocritical, abusive, authoritarian force. A gang that we allow to exploit and harm us in ways we would never permit on a one-to-one basis. One that could not exist but for the fact that we insist upon it.


The 3D: My way of saying "not online, not the virtual world, but the realm where we walk about and move through space and interact with people and places that we can touch."

TERRAIN-SHIFTING: The method employed by Whiteness of "moving the goalposts" or abandoning what one just claimed was true from moment to moment, in an effort to destabilize the thinking or reality of a person of color. In this tactic, all that matters is having the last word, or sounding right, or looking right, or "winning" the argument. Power is the goal; Truth is not important.

In this way, Terrain Shifting is a microcosmic in-motion manifestation of the very essence of Wite Psychosis.

†"time in the combine"- See "The Combine."


Universal: A white person's way of saying "white."


†"vato, VATA, vat@" - Essentially means "dude."


WHITE: Like "Brown," this firstly refers to skin with a pink base tone, but usually metaphorically referring to the agenda of anti-brown racism, Imperialism, Western Neoliberal thought that can very often be found used by those with a pink based skin tone. However, it's important to note that this mindset can also be found in persons of any color.

the wite knight: The Wite Knight is not truly interested in helping you. It only appears that way. They are actually intoxicated with the bounce of their steed and the rhythmic rise and fall of their own gonads. The Wite Knight constantly craves a reason to get up on that horse and ride. It is where they can look down on all their marvelous works and the people they have rescued. The people are, in fact, their steed. It is you they ride. And just when you think they are there to help you be free, they dig a spur into your side.

Phrases like "you know I have always championed you" and "my dream of your being successful is finally coming true" and "I'm so happy that my efforts to get you A, B, or C are finally bearing fruit" are used. You note, they sound like a parent talking to a child. They do not, of course, empower you. That is by design! The statements of the Wite Knight must, by nature, appear complimentary while simultaneously disempowering you. This is the insidiousness of the Wite Knight who rides your back to the promised land. Without his steed, the Wite Knight would have to walk and of course be on the same level as you. And you'd not have to carry him anymore. And what kind of magic would even exist in his world at that point?

WITENTITY POLLATIX: A divisive, exclusive, and utterly destructive form of political ideology within which no issue matters unless it places the fate and feelings and futures of "white" people in the fore, and perversely, that the survival and unity of all people will only be realized when everyone adopts this ideology.

WITE PSYCHOSIS: OR THE SHELL GAME: This is the setting in which you can understand the Weapons of Witeness. This is the only frame in which they will "make sense." You will note all the Wite-Magik Attax rely on this prerequisite.

The reason these methods can be hard to see, let alone codify, is that they rely not on truth or a truthful and sane understanding of anything, but rather, very much on induced insanity. That is, these tactics operate by introducing a leveraging or arranging of reality not only destructive to reason, but to the very human condition. Of course that makes sense, as they are, indeed, weapons designed to corrode and baffle the mind so that free will can fall to the whim of the wielder of these weapons, just as Whiteness was invented to eradicate populations and to transform blood, soil, and sweat into gold.

Wite-Magik Attax
are designed and employed to confuse and disempower the mind of the Other: to confuse the thought process, to shove you off balance, to make it impossible to use reason. This is, of course, to continue the oppression and exploitation that occurs all over the world when those deemed "white" conquer/corrupt/exploit those they deem worthy of devaluation and theft. Reason, after all, is inadequate for defending such actions, and so reason must be subverted and replaced by control tactics.

There are words from indigenous writings that compare the Indian's relationship with reality versus the (Crazy) White Man's and from wherever you quote it, or in what form, the message is essentially the same: Indigenous peoples view the world around them as having meaning and all things and creatures being connected to themselves and each other in some way. The Westerner/Whiteman/Madman sees life and all her creatures and moments as devoid of meaning, and rather, objects to be controlled and shifted around at will in order to arrive at a predetermined conclusion which will allow the person wielding said control to destroy, detach, exploit, and use anything in their path.

This is, after all, what happens when you remove Essence from its rightful Symbol; you have eradicated the tie that serves as a metaphor for our own sense of reason and sanity. The condition of being a spirit/energy that coexists with a human form/body is the metaphor for all Essence wed to Symbol. Language continues this metaphor, our sounds and words being but physical entities that represent an intangible but necessary meaning. When you divorce words from their meaning, you have non-sense. When you divorce a spirit from its body/shell, you have non-life as understood on this plane. Death. Whiteness is the death of truth and meaning; it is a hand that reaches into a relationship between Essence and Symbol and tears them away from each other to remake the world as a chaotic, nonsensical place ruled by naught but five cruel fingers.

You can see this madness, this divorce of Symbol and Essence, this Wite Psychosis, play out even today, in conversations or arguments between peoples. Again, any person can bestow or grow within themselves this madness. It is, after all, a very "Western" way of dealing. Empty of soul, and reframed in terms of power leverage.

You will find yourself engaged with Wite Psychosis when nothing you say or write in an email thread or listserve discussion matters, even if it is a truth; when your truth (meaning) is countered by Terrain Shifting (lies, by sidestepping, by ignoring, and only to be reshaped or twisted around so that the other person's point "wins" again) you know you are dealing with Wite Psychosis.

Just leave. You can't "get through" this. Engaging with nonsense yields naught but noise and madness. Eventually you will find yourself frothing with rage at the person's audacity and unabashed duplicity and amoral abandoning of truth. Should you be a truthful person at heart, one who strives to understand the meaning of yourself and others and the world around you and connect to that meaning, these violations of reason and offenses against truth will enrage you. Rightfully so. But at the last, you will be left frothing and enraged, at which point the person wielding this weapon will point to you and claim you are unreasonable, angry, divisive, oversensitive, or crazy. And this, my friends, is how the West Was "Won."

the WHITE lens: This is the lens that is fitted upon the American who absorbs mainstream culture. You do not have to be White to see this way. See Gonzales, Condi, etc. It involves thinking that POC are inferior to Whites, that Whites are best enabled and empowered by Nature to act for and in the interest of all other brown peoples, that the most desirable goal is to succeed in this current White power structure as it stands, and as it has been built; to abdicate parts of yourself or your culture or history as demanded by this structure and to never look back. It can be an unepexpectedly subtle lens, and so good a fit that rarely are people aware they are wearing it.

Yet it wreaks untold harm upon the world.

the Wite disdain: A Wite-Magik Attak that is deceptively simple, as well as effective. It is simple because it is nothing more than a shrug of the verbal shoulder, yet it is effective because it draws on a vast reality—that the experiences and contributions and pain and lives of non-whites in America are not as valuable as those of whites. In this attak, the wielder simply laughs off or otherwise derides the brown person, and in the process dismisses their deepest feelings or most crucial reality because it just doesn't matter to them. There is no real response to this attak because the wielder is referencing a truth that runs deeply through our culture and is simply admitting that they subscribe to it. Thus, they enlist the entirety of America's racist parts against the brown person by wielding this particular attak. There may be no way to singlehandedly answer such hate, but it should be an immediate indicator to the Brown™ that at this point, there is no use further engaging this person in any meaningful way.

The WITE DISDAIN takes shapes like these:

• "That's your 'pet issue,' and nobody else cares about it."
• "Run along now with your niche complaint."
• "I dont care because it doesn't affect me."
• "We'll get to that later, when we fix the important things."
• "For you, talking race is a must. For us, it's a luxury."

†THE WITEMIND: We know that while it remains an impressive correlation, one does not need to be fair in skin tone to be "White." The door to Whiteness, some brownfolk® have even historically hoped, is open to all...though conditionally and never permanently.(See Gonzales, Michelle Malkin, Thomas Clarence, all White). If this is the case, what is "Whiteness"? As stated in the 2007 Blogger Stylebook (Chapter 1, Definition of Terms), being "White" is, predominantly, a state of mind. It is a state of mind that irrationally prefers certain history, has certain values about language, specific feelings and views on melanin levels, or ability, or genetic qualities such as shapes of eyelids or noses. The depth and depravity of this mindset goes beyond the scope of this definition, but it is certainly one not difficult to codify. Most germaine is the fact that when you are in this headspace, and allied with those who espose this state of mind and living by the tenets that predictabely arise from it as well as judging reality by the values that support those tenets, you are said to be in your "WiteMind." There are remedies for this mental condition, so do not lose hope if it describes you, although the path to sanity won't be easy in a culture so riddled with the condition. [in my writings, this condition is known, alternately, (first and foremost) as The White Lens.]

WITELIST- [v.] To bleach out information or truth from the public eye by means of rendering it invisible with inattention and implications of insignificance. When a person or item has been "Witelisted," it has been disappeared from the public and historical reality. This term often refers to those incidents where truth is altered in order to prop up the dominant culture's paradigms and behaviors, but it also refers to any act of covering up truth or hiding it from view, in the general, too.

wite-magik attax: A predictable series of non-arguments that attempt to denigrate, negate, appropriate, or invalidate ideas, feelings, or experience as related by a brown person. These attacks take many forms, and while each person making the attack thinks their (dys)logic to be unerring, they echo timeless and faulty cognitive patterns. These Wite-Magik Attax invariably escalate in intensity, however, the longer the brown person attempts to assert their reality.


• the FALLACIOUS FLIP ("You're racist against whites!" etc)
• the OVERSENSITIVE ("You're hearing insults that aren't there.")
• the SEEING-EYE FROG ("You are reading into this too much.")
• the DRUNKEN-DEALER ("You pulled the Race Card!!!")
• the QUEEN'S CACA-PHONY ("Historicality proveth my superiority.")
• the INSATIABLE MARTYR ("You are just waiting to be oppressed!")
• the DROWNING MAESTRO ("I'd care about starving kids, but your tone is off")
• the APPEAL TO MELANIN ("My mexican wife hates illegal aliens.")
• the EXISTENTIAL BLACKMAIL ("If I can't speak for you, who knows anything?")
• the WITE DISDAIN ("Run along and play with your pet issue, now.")
• the SCAREM-CAROM ("Imagine a dead spic, hypothetically, of course.")
• the POST RACIAL ("I'm so happy we live in this Age of Black Presidents and don't need to talk about all that yucky racism stuff anymore! EVER!")
• the WITE KNIGHT ("Thank God I was here to make sure you got your due!")
• the TERRAIN-SHIFT ("That's what I said: 'There's something to be said for saying nothing at all.'")
• the FEINT DISCLAIMER ("I know as a White person I have privilege, but that's only because it is so deserved.")
• the SANITIZED SMILE ("Despite the genocide it justifies, this is a grand holiday!")
• the SOLAR SYSTEMATIZER ("I'm glad we finally have a chance to talk about your issues. Because they way they affect me must change.")
• the INVENTOR OF REMERICA ("I like what you just said. It reminds me of what I'm about to tell everyone I just said.") 

Also see the prerequisite conceptual framework—Wite Psychosis—within Wite-Magik Attax make "sense."

THE GLOSARIO was started in 2006, and is a living work. I add to it as I see need, and often in reaction to friends prompting me as they see a need. So my thanks goes to them, and to all the people online who link to and use the terms herein, especially the Nez-patented Wite-Magik Attax.